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My name is Kathy. I moved to South Carolina over 3 years ago, from Ireland, as an aspiring scientific researcher and fledgling runner.
Me and the pup!

The Roomies
 I've run on and off throughout my life starting with local athletics clubs as a 10 year old. I've always been a bit chubby but a few years ago my weight got out of control. After 2 years of hard work I got rid of the extra 60lbs I was carrying and along the way began to run again. I ran a few races in Ireland but ran inconsistently. Moving to the US with a move, a new job and new food it would have been very easy to pack back on the pounds. I started to take running more seriously because I enjoyed it but also to keep the weight off. My US comeback started with the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K (2013), loads of fun.

Since then I've run 3 marathons, 28 half marathons and a few shorter races. If you can't tell I'm a bit of a race junkie and part of the running group Half Fanatics.
 Since I love to travel I'm currently working my way towards running a half/full marathon in all 50 states and DC. I want to run the best races from each state and collect lots of unique and pretty medals along the way. 

This blog is for myself mostly..
  • As a training log-to be able to look back and see what worked or didn't
  • To document my travels and this time in my life 
  • Help motivate others along the way 
I'm pretty relaxed about blogging. I squeeze my blog writing into the little time I'm not running or working so my blog or posts might not always be the most polished. Stick with me if you like my blog, hopefully you'll find it interesting and enjoyable!

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  1. I did the Cooper River Bridge run a few years back and loved it! Charleston is wonderful city!