Friday, 11 August 2017

I'm a Legger

Before I even had a place to call home in Los Angeles I joined the L.A Leggers.....priorities :) They had an orientation day the weekend we arrived and I knew if I didn't sign up then I'd chicken out. A big club has a lot of advantages, discounts on everything from races to PT and of course lots of new friends to make.

The training really suits me right now,  5:1 min intervals and starting out with only 2 weekly runs but lots of cross-training. I'm also in a slow group to start out which will help me not push too hard until I see how I get on with longer runs. So far I'm up to 2 miles with no pain. 

We are still getting settled in so my cross-training has been pretty dismal (walking with Boomer mostly). Does moving boxes around count? Next week I get my drivers license (locals pay approx. half the price for pool time) and then I can get some good time in the pool.

Optimistically, I've signed up to the Malibu Half Marathon in November. The club is their official training partner and offered a hefty discount. I'm hoping if I can make it that far in good shape, I'll either sign up for the L.A marathon (just a slow to finish marathon for fun) or I'll stay at half distance or less and focus more on speed. 

Races are mucho expensive and of course now that I'm on the west coast there are a lot of bucket list ones I'd love to run but injury recovery is really keeping me cautious and helping my pocket out :) So far so good tho and it's making me so happy. Once the humidity drops a little (temps are glorious) fall running is going to be amazing!


  1. Unpacking and moving boxes does count for cross training! That is hard work! I am excited you joined Leggers and curious to hear more about your new home! :)