Monday, 26 June 2017

We are moving...fresh starts

I'm so excited. We are moving and soon. Mid-July will see us take a two week road trip mostly along the remaining portions of Route 66, as we make the cross country journey to our new home, Los Angeles. Driving is largely for Boomers sake, as its too hot to risk flying him as cargo and he is too big for flying in cabin, but its also going to be a fun vacation.
A whole lotta driving!

The spare room

It's taken a long long time to get all the paper work for Martina's new job together, so I've kept this quiet until the last minute. It's ended up lining up perfectly with the end of our lease here. 
We've spent weeks selling extra furniture, since we'll be moving to a much smaller apartment. The plan is to ship our remaining furniture via Relocube. We'll get 3 days to stuff as much household goods into 6Dx 7Wx 8 ft H metal container as we can. Thank goodness most of our furniture can easily be broken down to make it more efficient to pack! It's costing around $2200 but since we now have some nicer furniture, it'd cost more to replace it all. Then there are all the little things like pictures and decorations that we wouldn't even be able to replace. Surprisingly, a truck when you add in a car hitch is almost as much but we wouldn't get any storage time and obviously it'd be a pain to drive a truck across the country.

Furniture coming apart
 Martina's new job is the opportunity of a lifetime and as much as I've appreciated the time off while I recuperate I need something to do too! Visas are becoming tricky so I'll probably go onto Martina's again. Unfortunately, on the next one I won't be allowed to work. I'm thinking of using the time to retrain for another career since I'm done mentally with the career structure that comes with research. I have something in mind but I'll have to do a bunch of pre-reqs (it's not medicine :p)  and see if I get accepted. It'll be a slow process. I won't start until next spring. I'll probably spread out the pre-reqs, at least at first, to ease back into school and if I decide it's not for me I can stop without having invested too much.

Another new start, kind of, is running. I've not had a lot of success getting going again in SC. Some of it is that it hurts (not a lot, partly injury, partly starting running from scratch sucks)  and some of it is fear that I'll get injured again. Its also beyond hot and humid here lately so running has not been appealing. It'll be a little cooler and a lot less humid in LA so that'll be a great time to start again. There are also numerous large running clubs I can join. One that I like the look of does beginner couch --> marathon group training. I think that'd be perfect to help me get my mind away from the fear of injury, make new friends and enjoy running again. 

Mostly, the biggest fresh start I want is to be more social. We are moving there and straight away will have about as many friends as here. That's a sad reflection on the number of good friends we've made in 5 years but it is a good start for LA. The main difference is we won't be living with 'one foot out the door',  as the plan from the start is to be there for 5+ years. 

I'm really looking forward to living in a big city again with a more diverse population and a lot more amenities available. I'm going to have so much fun finding new restaurants to try, concerts to go to and of course new running and hiking routes to work off all the food and drinks. Already we have a trip to Vegas planned with my brother-in-law. He is coming on vacation with his girlfriend, from Australia. We also have concert tickets for one of our favourite bands from Ireland that are not that well known here, The Coronas. So I'm already SO excited!! Be prepared for me to instragram the hell out of the whole process and road trip, apologies in advance ;p

Monday, 12 June 2017

June 12th update ---feeling better again

After two weeks of feeling pretty crappy, with piriformis syndrome again, I'm finally back to feeling much better. What did I do differently?

1.  I backed off exercise except for my most basic PT exercises and walking this week. 
Seen a lot of cool wildlife out walking this week. I feel like my recovery is slower than this turtle.

2. Relaxed. I tried to calm the hell down because I got pretty worked up about the fact I was having pain everyday again. It took a good cry to acknowledge how shitty it was making me feel and miraculously slowly I began to feel better, until this Friday I woke up pain free again. There is other stressful, but good, life stuff happening. I'm not just a drama queen, ha ha!!!

3. I've been super diligent about taking B vitamins everyday to help with nerve repair.

4. I've tried to correct my posture when sitting upright.

Ultimately, give how the last of the pain left overnight I think my hips shifted into a good position again releasing some tension on the muscles and in turn the nerve. Whatever did it, I'm so happy to be pain free. I'm going to try adding more exercise in again this week, probably weights and swimming, to try continue getting stronger. Fingers crossed the last couple of weeks were just a tiny blip in my recovery!