Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Weekly Training

A tiny bit of an easier week. Everything felt good! Loving getting back to moving. I always feel happier and more like myself when I can work out.

1.5 mile run during the daytime that felt good.
Evening- Full PT routine + legs +upper body 

I got a massage and unlike the last time I wen this one did not make me want to cry :)
45 min walk.

My last PT session. I'm gonna miss Jim my pyshiotherapist.

40 mins elliptical- longest one yet
30 mins walk

3 walks - throughout the day that added up to 6 miles.
PT routine

30 min walk

Get to the Green 5k in the morning -38 mins
30 min walk in the evening

30 min walk
30 minute swim- first outdoor swim of the year. Outdoor pool felt great.

We had Bailey, our friends cocker spaniel, as well as Boomer Thursday to Monday so lots of walks to keep the pups nice and sleepy. Since I've been really bad at taking workout pics here are some cute pics of the dogs!

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