Monday, 27 March 2017

Weekly Training log


20 min walk including a while in the river for Boomer
30 min elliptical
PT routine + other overall body weights- gym was friggin hot

2 mile run with Boomer- run itself felt good but I was sorer for the rest of the week
Smiley face after

1 hour walk

45 min elliptical 
PT routine + Ab work


40 minute swim- pool was cold as it had just rained but it felt great.
30 minute walk
PT routine

General recovery from piriformis syndrome
Running is really frustrating me. I feel fine when I run but after my piriformis muscle tightens right up, despite stretching, and I have to back off running for days afterwards. I'm happy to be getting some general fitness back but I'd like to be able to run a little, even if it was only enough to run 5ks for the next few months.

I'm thinking of getting new shoes, maybe the switch (even if it was months ago) to a stability shoe (very slight) is not helping. It'll mean switching away from Brooks but I'll try anything to help at this stage. Thinking of Altras- neutral, low drop, lets the foot do what it wants, vegan friendly (a bonus) and has a varying of cushion levels in their shoes. A lot closer to my discontinued PureConnects. Anyone have any experience with these?

I'm sticking to my PT and lots of daily stretching. My left Glutes, abductors etc. are probably 95% of the strength of the right side so those exercises are working. However, my sciatic nerve was not innervating muscles all the way down to my feet, meaning those muscles need rebuilding. I've been adding in exercises to my PT routine, like calf raises, that I normally wouldn't do. This week I'm adding in some exercises for my feet and ankles.
Sorry for the horrible feet but can you see how little I can raise my left big toe compared to my right, no Bueno.

Going to do:
Being barefoot as much as possible
Towel pulls
Standing on one foot
Walking on toes

All easy things to do around the house , even while doing other stuff! Any suggestions?

Anyhow, I'll keep truckin on and hoping I'll continue to improve but right now the memory of the pain I was in is still strong enough that just putting on shoes and socks by myself makes me grateful for what I can do!!


  1. I can't believe it was warm enough for Boomer to go in the river! And for you too swim outside!

    I haven't tried those shoes, personally. What were you wearing before your stability shoes? You were off for a long time - give your body time to recover, even though it's frustrating!

    1. Yep it was very hot that day almost 90. It's dropped back down a bit but swimming outside is nice. It's been a very warm spring, I can't imagine what summer will be like 👎🏻 I was wearing Brroks PureConnects which were neutral and minimally padded but they stopped making them.