Sunday, 5 March 2017

Piriformis Syndrome Week 7

Let's start with I ran this week, woohoo! 

Earlier in the week I tried a short jog back from the gym and it felt so weird. I felt like a mangled baby giraffe. Probably because all my leg muscles are weak and tight. So I spent a few days focusing on stretching more. That irritated things a little. Tiny bits of nerve pain and muscle soreness but nothing dramatic. 
I've really missed working up a good sweat so I then decided to try the elliptical. Low and behold I was able to manage 20 minutes with no pain. When I did that I figured I should be able to run as long as I'm careful.

So off I went for a 1 mile run. I stopped a few times to stretch and check in to see of there was any pain. All was good, I'm just terribly unfit right now. I wish I could have ran for longer but I think this is one time that at least for a few weeks I need to ramp up running slowly. 

I've so little pain that I can work out more, so I think I'll slowly mix in running but with lots of elliptical and swimming so as to not overload tight joints right now.  I ordered a waterproof iPod which should arrive tomorrow which I'm excited to try out and see if it encourages me to swim more frequently or for longer. 

I have two more weeks of PT, but only x1 a week, to focus on stretching and getting my hip mobility back. 

I'm so excited to really be on the road to pain free fitness again!

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