Monday, 27 March 2017

Weekly Training log


20 min walk including a while in the river for Boomer
30 min elliptical
PT routine + other overall body weights- gym was friggin hot

2 mile run with Boomer- run itself felt good but I was sorer for the rest of the week
Smiley face after

1 hour walk

45 min elliptical 
PT routine + Ab work


40 minute swim- pool was cold as it had just rained but it felt great.
30 minute walk
PT routine

General recovery from piriformis syndrome
Running is really frustrating me. I feel fine when I run but after my piriformis muscle tightens right up, despite stretching, and I have to back off running for days afterwards. I'm happy to be getting some general fitness back but I'd like to be able to run a little, even if it was only enough to run 5ks for the next few months.

I'm thinking of getting new shoes, maybe the switch (even if it was months ago) to a stability shoe (very slight) is not helping. It'll mean switching away from Brooks but I'll try anything to help at this stage. Thinking of Altras- neutral, low drop, lets the foot do what it wants, vegan friendly (a bonus) and has a varying of cushion levels in their shoes. A lot closer to my discontinued PureConnects. Anyone have any experience with these?

I'm sticking to my PT and lots of daily stretching. My left Glutes, abductors etc. are probably 95% of the strength of the right side so those exercises are working. However, my sciatic nerve was not innervating muscles all the way down to my feet, meaning those muscles need rebuilding. I've been adding in exercises to my PT routine, like calf raises, that I normally wouldn't do. This week I'm adding in some exercises for my feet and ankles.
Sorry for the horrible feet but can you see how little I can raise my left big toe compared to my right, no Bueno.

Going to do:
Being barefoot as much as possible
Towel pulls
Standing on one foot
Walking on toes

All easy things to do around the house , even while doing other stuff! Any suggestions?

Anyhow, I'll keep truckin on and hoping I'll continue to improve but right now the memory of the pain I was in is still strong enough that just putting on shoes and socks by myself makes me grateful for what I can do!!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Weekly Training

A tiny bit of an easier week. Everything felt good! Loving getting back to moving. I always feel happier and more like myself when I can work out.

1.5 mile run during the daytime that felt good.
Evening- Full PT routine + legs +upper body 

I got a massage and unlike the last time I wen this one did not make me want to cry :)
45 min walk.

My last PT session. I'm gonna miss Jim my pyshiotherapist.

40 mins elliptical- longest one yet
30 mins walk

3 walks - throughout the day that added up to 6 miles.
PT routine

30 min walk

Get to the Green 5k in the morning -38 mins
30 min walk in the evening

30 min walk
30 minute swim- first outdoor swim of the year. Outdoor pool felt great.

We had Bailey, our friends cocker spaniel, as well as Boomer Thursday to Monday so lots of walks to keep the pups nice and sleepy. Since I've been really bad at taking workout pics here are some cute pics of the dogs!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Get to the Green 5k, Columbia SC

It's my 3rd year running this race. This year they had the usual 5k and 10k but added a 15k to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the race. Every year I get slower :p At least this year I have a good excuse! I aimed to run half and walk half of the race, since 1.5 miles is about the most I've run comfortably since getting piriformis syndrome in Jan. However, I didn't have my watch because I've not been able to find the charger since Jan (a sign from the universe lol). 
Lots of green

The course was similar to the last two 5ks I ran with the only real difference being the finish point. I walked all the hills and regularly took walk breaks to check in on my back/butt. The finish was on a long straight stretch of Divine Street where you could see the finishers timing clock for almost a mile. Here I forced myself to walk a good bit. I felt good the whole time until I dropped my sunglasses almost at the finishers chute and bent down to pick them up. Ouchie! That hurt a lot and I was really afraid I'd pushed to hard and hurt myself again. Based on how I recovered, yes maybe I pushed a tiny bit too much, but barely because after a rest I felt fine. Judging by my pace I either ran really fast (unlikely) or ran way more than I should!

The race itself was well organized and busy. The start area had packet pickup. On course there were lots of marshals as well as two aid stations. The finish area had lots of food and water. It was the second race this year I could have run with Boomer but only realized it when I was running :( I saw dogs running and doggy bowls out at the aid stations.
 I really like this race as a fun healthy way to mark St. Patricks Day, which was my grandads birthday, without getting caught up in the chaos of drinking. They always have great tshirts (cotton for the 5k), medals and if you do want to party the race entry includes entry into the day long festival.
The rest of the day was really exciting because my friend had gone into the hospital the night before and we spent until that afternoon waiting with Bailey (the cocker spaniel) to find out that she was a big sister to a healthy baby boy. Another St. Patrick's Day birthday!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Back to light training

My PT for piriformis syndrome is tapering off. So I decided that I should push myself a bit more with activity this week, to gauge if I was ready to get back to working out, before I lost the safety net of a physiotherapist to tell me what levels of pain are normal at this stage.

2 mile run- a little tender/nerve pain...too much. 

45 minute swim with my new waterproof iPod. The time passed much faster with music. I got out of the pool because I was tired not bored.

1 hour and 15 min walk in morning with my pregnant friend.
35 minutes on an elliptical which felt fine.
Full PT routine plus upper body weights.

PT appointment- so I did my workout here. Talked to my guy about running and he limited me to increasing mileage by more than a quarter of a mile at a time so I won't run to the point of nerve pain. Treated myself to lunch at the market next door afterwards...nom.

1 hour of yoga. Surprised by how much I could do! I only sat out a few of the more advanced moves. A tiny bit of nerve pain towards the end but not bad so I think I can manage another class next week.

Pretty sore so a rest day.

1.5 mile run. Felt great. I think this might be my sweet spot for the next few runs.

Full PT routine + upper body + a few new lower body weights (to see if I can)


So I've discovered that it's really only running that's a problem right now. Low impact exercise feels fine, it just leaves my weaker side sore but just workout sore rather than nerve pain. 
I think running is a problem because my joints and muscles are still healing/loosening up. It's frustrating that it's taking so long to heal up. The sciatic nerve is HUGE, so even if the piriformis muscle is not impinging it, it'll take a long while to fully settle down. I do not want to go back to sciatic pain so running will be a slow progression for a while.
I'm still really excited to be able to do as much as I can. Being limited in movement for a while really makes you appreciate the little things a healthy body can do.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Piriformis Syndrome Week 7

Let's start with I ran this week, woohoo! 

Earlier in the week I tried a short jog back from the gym and it felt so weird. I felt like a mangled baby giraffe. Probably because all my leg muscles are weak and tight. So I spent a few days focusing on stretching more. That irritated things a little. Tiny bits of nerve pain and muscle soreness but nothing dramatic. 
I've really missed working up a good sweat so I then decided to try the elliptical. Low and behold I was able to manage 20 minutes with no pain. When I did that I figured I should be able to run as long as I'm careful.

So off I went for a 1 mile run. I stopped a few times to stretch and check in to see of there was any pain. All was good, I'm just terribly unfit right now. I wish I could have ran for longer but I think this is one time that at least for a few weeks I need to ramp up running slowly. 

I've so little pain that I can work out more, so I think I'll slowly mix in running but with lots of elliptical and swimming so as to not overload tight joints right now.  I ordered a waterproof iPod which should arrive tomorrow which I'm excited to try out and see if it encourages me to swim more frequently or for longer. 

I have two more weeks of PT, but only x1 a week, to focus on stretching and getting my hip mobility back. 

I'm so excited to really be on the road to pain free fitness again!