Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Steady progress

Where am I at a month after developing piriformis syndrome?
The good
I have sciatica type pain only when my hip is at its worst. Muscle pain is reducing steadily. So much so, that now and again I'll forget about it until it gives me a sharp jab to remind me to slow down.I still don't think I'm ready to run but the overall pain level has gone down enough that walking and swimming are enjoyable. 
The bad
Certain movements I can't do because my mobility is very low; My hamstring in my left leg is SO tight but I can't stretch it. Walking on slopes and up steps frequently causes my hip muscles on the left side to give up on working.

This week 
Monday-Wednesday: feeling good-excellent, Thursday: back to being pretty sore Friday: sore, Saturday: good Sunday: sore. So I'm having 4 out of 7 days feeling pretty good, a change from a few weeks ago!

My PT has stepped up this week:
Everyday I do my nerve glide, back extensions, bridges and (x3times) stretching.
Now added  X 3 times a week
-squats (2 sets body weight, 2 sets + 10Ibs) with an elastic band around my thighs.
-lateral walk with band
-resistance band at shoulder height from the side, under tension....push in and out with arms, followed by a set of side steps, without letting my back or hips rotate.
-lateral leg raises
-clamshells with a band (discovered in PT I've been doing these wrong, so much harder when my hips are properly stacked).
-Step ups (small step) with 10Ibs
-(Baby) deadlift type movement

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