Friday, 3 February 2017

Slowly getting better & planning

So besides an awful doctors visit, which annoyed and upset me, I've been getting better in little steps. 

I've noticed this week, that while my left butt/hip area is pretty much always sore, the really annoying pain going down into my leg and foot is gone more often than its there. The numbness is receding too. I'm starting to get small stretches of time where even my hip doesn't hurt, it'll be tight but no pain. 

Now that the level of pain is going down:
I feel more like doing stuff
I can drive for around 10-15 mins when the pain is low
My normal appetite is back (I wasn't really eating a lot)
I'm not so grumpy

Inevitably, the muscle starts to spasm again and then the pain in my hip is intense but in the last couple of days stretches have been added to my PT. A very uncomfortable minute of light stretching seems to make it stop most of the time. I see the light!!
Mini stretch 

This week I've had a massage which was ouchie. Then two sessions of PT on back to back days. The first day was working out, bridges etc. The second day was scraping, cupping and dry needling. The scraping and cupping were very light so it basically felt like 45 minutes of my butt cheek getting massaged by a guy I hardly know, so it was a little weird but I chatted my way through the embarrassment. The dry needling was awesome for pain relief as usual. 

My new strength work includes resistance bands. I had actually bought myself some in January to work on hip strength, it's a pity I didn't get to it before this happened. 

Next week....
More PT, adding in weights...woohoo this feels like progress 
Swimming- even though I was cleared to swim before now I didn't because I couldn't drive to the pool and I was in too much pain to feel like doing it anyhow.

Stupidly, I've also had a hard time letting go of the races I've registered for.
 There is a Valentines themed 5k next weekend that I can walk because the race includes walkers. It's short enough to be a nice test to see how much walking I can do. It'll feel like an achievement to get that far but won't be enough to damage my progress.

The hardest is what was meant to be my race for NY at the end of this month. There is no way I can do it and I think even walking 13 miles right now would be damaging and hard. Especially on top of sitting on a plane for two hours. It would be stupid to do it. Luckily this trip was planned mainly to go see a friend and for Martina to do some touristy stuff, anyway a trip to NYC is never wasted. 

There is another half here in April that I've registered for. I won't be able to run it all by then since I think I need to start at scratch and build up my cardio as my hip strength improves. I'm hoping that by then I can have a walk-run strategy that could be part of my training for a goal race. 

So as an incentive, I'm gonna take a small bit of my tax refund, when I have a better idea of where I'm at with running, and register for a race somewhere I really want to go. 
As much as I hate it, I think I'm also going to have to just suck it up and train through next summer. If I don't I'm not going to get back into the kind of shape I need to to run multiple halfs a year without suffering! Anyhow, I find the beginning of training, when I'm unfit, harder mentally than training in the heat. 

I think the fact that I'm thinking about running means I'm getting better. At least I'm not crying about being Sir Limp-a-Lot for ever :) 

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