Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Piriformis Syndrome Week 6 Report

This week was amazing! My lower back, hip, left leg in general are extremely tight but wait for it....not painful. It's like something really changed last week and I just continued to get better this week. It was so nice to do stuff, like get out of bed, without having to brace myself or figuring out the best way to do it without hurting. I knew I was really onto the homestretch when my PT started adding more weight for exercises and showing me dynamic warmup drills for running. 

The real test was our trip to NYC. We had to drive 2 hours to the airport and then sit for two hours on the planes (and the same on the way back). Of all of that the worst was the first drive. A lot of walking and a few air squats got the blood following again. 
Then Saturday we did a ton of fun sightseeing, easily walked ten miles and went up a million subway stairs. Our last stop of the day was Central Park and I got a little limpy there, but not painful, and hopped into an uber back to my friends place rather than walk more for the subway. More walking Sunday but I felt fine even after the trip home.  

Then yesterday my PT said my next session might be my last. Holy crap! That's really exciting but I don't feel ready :) I guess there isn't much more he can do now that the worst of this is over. It needs time and work to get back to full functionality. I have all the tools I need now to do the rest on my own.

I guess that means I can try a short run. I'm going to wait a few days to try focus on getting some of the really knotty parts of my leg to loosen up. A lot of what I need to do now is get confidence in my body back and not worry that this is going to revert backwards for no reason.


  1. Yay! This is a great report! I am happy it got better in time for NYC - that would have stunk if it was bugging you there!

    1. I know it timed it's recovery perfectly. I was dreading the trip but ended up having a great time! Not done with PT for another two weeks but that's just for a bit of extra stretching my strength is good now ��