Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cupids Chase 5k

Cupid's Chase race is in aid of people with disabilities and its run in many different cities/states. I'd signed up for the 5k, here in Columbia SC, ages ago before I got injured. There is no way I'm ready to run but I decided to walk it instead. The race was very walker friendly with many strollers and puppies on course. 
I picked up my packet right before the race. There was a nice area set up for this and the post race party. I indulged in a pre race Diet Coke since I didn't have to worry about stomach problems walking.

The 5k course was a familiar mismash of other local 5k courses, a mix of flats and rolling hills, with one aid station along the way. 
I woke up feeling good (injury wise) and my hip/leg behaved for the walk. I walked fast compared to my normal amble and finished just under 53 minutes. The only time I had any major injury problems was after I finished and tried to step up on a curb and my stupid muscles did nothing but hurt bad. Luckily that only lasted a few seconds but I swore out loud in front of kids, in the South, whoopsie! After that my previously non functioning glute (root cause of piriformis syndrome) was extremely fatigued but not too painful. Surprisingly, I was exhausted. My other muscles weren't sore/tired but I had the kind of extreme sleepy feeling I normally only get after a really hard workout. I guess functioning through pain is hard on the body.

I was really happy that I went out and did this. I didn't want to miss it but I could have been too proud to walk a race. I was functioning to the best of my ability, giving to a good cause and getting my cardio fix for the day..all good things. I didn't even feel bad about getting a medal when I saw the dogs getting them too, ha ha!

No more races until April and definetely no more signing up for them until I'm back to regular pain free running. 


  1. I am happy you were able to walk it! Walking is HARD on the body; I am not surprised you felt it (injury or not!). LOL @ swearing around the kiddies. Oops!

    1. That's the Irish in me! We swear a lot. When my mom visits I almost feel like covering her mouth. I've learned to censor myself but when I'm in pain it comes out regardless.