Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Sciatica: down but not out

Hands down I'm in the worst pain I've ever been in. Not all the time but if I move from one position into another it's like someone has a knife in my hip and is twisting it. Peeing has become a danger sport lol.
The rest of the time it's painful but not crazy sore.
Nurse Boomer

How did I do this, you ask? I sat on the floor. 

I had some friends over on Sunday evening and sat on the floor having snacks and chatting. My hips have been tight for the last couple of weeks so when I got up and had a sore hip/leg I didn't think too much about it and went to bed expecting it to be ok the next morning. I had to go to the bathroom that night, around 4am, an adventure that turned into me crawling to bathroom.

This morning I gave in, when it hurt just lying on my back, and went the doctor. Crying the whole way from the pain of sitting. It turned out to be exactly what I thought (a piriformis spasm) that's trapping my sciatic nerve. Not exactly rocket science when I can feel the muscle twitching like crazy when I'm not in pain.
I have muscle relaxants, codene, ibuprofen to treat it along with ice and heat. On top of that I have to go to a physio and then a follow up with the Doctor. Much more of a longer term project than I thought. A bit bummed out considering I was getting back my mojo for working out! 

However, let's look on the positive:

-It's a muscle problem not a spine problem

-Trips to the fridge are a no no, so I'll only be eating what I'm given. It'd be easy to comfort eat but I refuse to. Even with reduced exercise I'm not giving up on my healthly 2017. 

- I've still not got to grips with my muscle imbalances in my hip area so physio will be good to improve that. If I can't run for a few weeks this will be my focus. 


  1. Ouch! You poor thing! So... the cure is the drugs and physical therapy? It won't really fix itself, right? Blah, I hope you are aligned all right when this is all done so it doesn't happen again!

    1. Yeah lots of drugs lol. The muscle relaxants have me feeling very relaxed I just wish they'd work better on the muscle they are supposed to! I'm not sure when I'll get the physio hopefully after the pain is gone...I can't even imagine trying anything right now.