Monday, 23 January 2017

Sciatica Day 7 some PT

Still much the same levels of pain etc. For PT I took things into my own hands and got an appointment this morning with the guy that checked out my shoulder for me last year.
Lots of evaluation and my left leg/ foot is significantly weaker than the right. I also discovered I can't raise the toes on that foot, fun. My back seems to be fine but he adjusted it to make sure it was as flexible as possible. He did 10 minutes of dry needling. Essentially this is accupunture needles inserted into the muscle and an electrical current is applied to force the muscle to contract and relax. It didn't feel bad but it was weird having my entire butt cheek contract. I'm not entirely sure what this is meant to achieve, maybe reteaching the muscle what it should be doing?
I have another appointment this week and two for next week. In the mean time I have two exercises to do and have the all clear to do some swimming as long as it doesn't aggravate my piriformis. I'm hoping I can sit for more than a few seconds soon because then I'll be able to drive myself and get out of the house.

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