Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sciatica Day 5

Let's hope these posts don't run for weeks!

Yesterday was my best day, I was able to move around and try stretch out my piriformis muscle. Today I cut out the codeine painkillers. It kind of feels like I took a step backwards because I've been quite sore but at least I have a real idea of how I'm getting on and I'm not overloading my system with tons of different drugs. I'm still taking ibuprofen to keep down inflammation.
The only part of this I think I'm enjoying is the muscle relaxants are making the rest of me nice and relaxed and sleepy. Lots of naps instead of lying in bed/on the couch bored. Even tho I'm feeling better I still have a lot of numbness in my foot, so the nerve is still trapped. Looking forward to getting some physio done.


  1. That is good you are able to cut back on the drugs now! When do you start the physical therapy?

    1. I'm not sure the doctors office asked me to pick one and said they'd send my referral and the physio would call me. If I don't here something by next Tuesday I'll have to call the docs office and