Friday, 27 January 2017

Sciatica Day 10

I've been getting frustrated. I haven't felt like I've progressed much in the last few days. 
However, in good news my PT disagrees. In the 3 days between my appointments he thinks I've improved a good bit. So I guess I'm just impatient and want to be free of any pain :)
Foot warmer or reiki specialist, he he.

Signs I'm getting better:
I have been able to sit for more than a few seconds without instant pain. I had a massage on Wednesday and had no choice but to drive myself. I drove with a pillow under my butt to help. The 10 min drive each way was uncomfortable, to say the least, but it wasn't unbearable. 

I'm getting weird sensations in my numb leg/ a drop of water fell on my leg. The nerve is doing something.

Right now I have two mobility exercises and after last night I'm starting to add some basic strength. Until my next appointment, I have to add in glute bridges, with more strength exercises to be added as I get better.
Last night I had dry needling on two muscles (lots of needles), my piriformis and another smaller muscle closer to the side of my hip..not as fleshy so those needles stung. The dry needling, although I don't like it, is very good for pain relief. I got off the table feeling like a new woman.

My PT thinks two week until I can start running. There is nothing like not being able to run to make you want to go out and knock out a few miles.

I have to do a follow up with my doc this weekend. Then next week I have another massage and 2 PT appointments so I'm trying to hit this hard and do everything I can to get better!


  1. I would feel super impatient too! But it sounds like everything is moving forward as quickly as it can! I am happy your doc thinks you're on track!

    1. Yes I'm getting better but sometimes how much pain I feel can vary a lot even within a day so it's hard to measure progress which is probably why I'm frustrated.

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