Monday, 30 January 2017

Doctors visit

I'm so mad. This morning I waited 2 hours to see a doctor, for a follow up, who talked to me for less than five minutes. Most of the conversation was about what part of Ireland I'm from (really relevant) and how I'd have to give up running for a shit Sherlock, and come back in a week and if you aren't better I'll refer you to a orthopedic specialist. I don't want any type of surgery, I don't want to be referred to a specialist after only two weeks of PT. most of what I've read suggests 4-6 weeks PT  minimum for piriformis syndrome.

I don't know if it was because all of this made me so mad but I've come home and cried my eyes out. I hate being in pain. I hate being trapped in the house not able to do anything. I'm scared this is going to turn into a long drawn out recovery. 

I don't mind not running for a few weeks. I'll be glad to put in the work needed to strengthen my hip and core muscles. Hell I'll do it all day if I need to, once I know what to do. I just don't want to be impaired by this long term. 

I think spending most of my time alone has made me moody, lol. I should be grateful that this is the most of my worries. There are so many people out there suffering through unimaginable pain and sicknesss and they do it with a smile on their face. #imtheworstpatientever


  1. Wth... is this the same person as before? Seems like a total switharoo! And after waiting two hours I'd be pissed about ANYTHING. Are you going to talk to another doc?

    It's okay to bitch even with other people have it worse. The important thing is perspective, which you still have! I get moody when I am not that social, too. Is there anything you can do without too much pain? FaceTime a friend?

    1. Yeah same one. I'm just going to keep doing the pt sessions and if I don't continue to get better I'll go to a diff Doctor, she just doesn't seem that knowledgable or interested. One of my friends is coming over for a short walk tomo...she is almost full term pregnant so we are equally slow and unable to go far lol.i think the doctors visit just put me in a mood.