Monday, 30 January 2017

Doctors visit

I'm so mad. This morning I waited 2 hours to see a doctor, for a follow up, who talked to me for less than five minutes. Most of the conversation was about what part of Ireland I'm from (really relevant) and how I'd have to give up running for a shit Sherlock, and come back in a week and if you aren't better I'll refer you to a orthopedic specialist. I don't want any type of surgery, I don't want to be referred to a specialist after only two weeks of PT. most of what I've read suggests 4-6 weeks PT  minimum for piriformis syndrome.

I don't know if it was because all of this made me so mad but I've come home and cried my eyes out. I hate being in pain. I hate being trapped in the house not able to do anything. I'm scared this is going to turn into a long drawn out recovery. 

I don't mind not running for a few weeks. I'll be glad to put in the work needed to strengthen my hip and core muscles. Hell I'll do it all day if I need to, once I know what to do. I just don't want to be impaired by this long term. 

I think spending most of my time alone has made me moody, lol. I should be grateful that this is the most of my worries. There are so many people out there suffering through unimaginable pain and sicknesss and they do it with a smile on their face. #imtheworstpatientever

Friday, 27 January 2017

Sciatica Day 10

I've been getting frustrated. I haven't felt like I've progressed much in the last few days. 
However, in good news my PT disagrees. In the 3 days between my appointments he thinks I've improved a good bit. So I guess I'm just impatient and want to be free of any pain :)
Foot warmer or reiki specialist, he he.

Signs I'm getting better:
I have been able to sit for more than a few seconds without instant pain. I had a massage on Wednesday and had no choice but to drive myself. I drove with a pillow under my butt to help. The 10 min drive each way was uncomfortable, to say the least, but it wasn't unbearable. 

I'm getting weird sensations in my numb leg/ a drop of water fell on my leg. The nerve is doing something.

Right now I have two mobility exercises and after last night I'm starting to add some basic strength. Until my next appointment, I have to add in glute bridges, with more strength exercises to be added as I get better.
Last night I had dry needling on two muscles (lots of needles), my piriformis and another smaller muscle closer to the side of my hip..not as fleshy so those needles stung. The dry needling, although I don't like it, is very good for pain relief. I got off the table feeling like a new woman.

My PT thinks two week until I can start running. There is nothing like not being able to run to make you want to go out and knock out a few miles.

I have to do a follow up with my doc this weekend. Then next week I have another massage and 2 PT appointments so I'm trying to hit this hard and do everything I can to get better!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Sciatica Day 7 some PT

Still much the same levels of pain etc. For PT I took things into my own hands and got an appointment this morning with the guy that checked out my shoulder for me last year.
Lots of evaluation and my left leg/ foot is significantly weaker than the right. I also discovered I can't raise the toes on that foot, fun. My back seems to be fine but he adjusted it to make sure it was as flexible as possible. He did 10 minutes of dry needling. Essentially this is accupunture needles inserted into the muscle and an electrical current is applied to force the muscle to contract and relax. It didn't feel bad but it was weird having my entire butt cheek contract. I'm not entirely sure what this is meant to achieve, maybe reteaching the muscle what it should be doing?
I have another appointment this week and two for next week. In the mean time I have two exercises to do and have the all clear to do some swimming as long as it doesn't aggravate my piriformis. I'm hoping I can sit for more than a few seconds soon because then I'll be able to drive myself and get out of the house.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sciatica Day 5

Let's hope these posts don't run for weeks!

Yesterday was my best day, I was able to move around and try stretch out my piriformis muscle. Today I cut out the codeine painkillers. It kind of feels like I took a step backwards because I've been quite sore but at least I have a real idea of how I'm getting on and I'm not overloading my system with tons of different drugs. I'm still taking ibuprofen to keep down inflammation.
The only part of this I think I'm enjoying is the muscle relaxants are making the rest of me nice and relaxed and sleepy. Lots of naps instead of lying in bed/on the couch bored. Even tho I'm feeling better I still have a lot of numbness in my foot, so the nerve is still trapped. Looking forward to getting some physio done.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sciatica: Day 3, Day 2 with drugs

Today I am much better. I still get the occasional bad jab of pain and still have numbness, tingling and low level pain right down to my left foot.

However, I can get out of bed without screeching, I can kind of bend down a little to reach stuff if I do a one legged squat and most importantly I can also sit on the toilet without the muscle spasming (since I've had to pee about a million times a day). So if I can get to the stage where I can get into bed or lie down without my hip going nuts I think I'll be ready for some gentle physio. 

Boomer has been so protective. He also hasn't asked to go out once during the day, it's like he knows I can't take him.

Hopefully I'll see as big an improvement tomorrow!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Sciatica: down but not out

Hands down I'm in the worst pain I've ever been in. Not all the time but if I move from one position into another it's like someone has a knife in my hip and is twisting it. Peeing has become a danger sport lol.
The rest of the time it's painful but not crazy sore.
Nurse Boomer

How did I do this, you ask? I sat on the floor. 

I had some friends over on Sunday evening and sat on the floor having snacks and chatting. My hips have been tight for the last couple of weeks so when I got up and had a sore hip/leg I didn't think too much about it and went to bed expecting it to be ok the next morning. I had to go to the bathroom that night, around 4am, an adventure that turned into me crawling to bathroom.

This morning I gave in, when it hurt just lying on my back, and went the doctor. Crying the whole way from the pain of sitting. It turned out to be exactly what I thought (a piriformis spasm) that's trapping my sciatic nerve. Not exactly rocket science when I can feel the muscle twitching like crazy when I'm not in pain.
I have muscle relaxants, codene, ibuprofen to treat it along with ice and heat. On top of that I have to go to a physio and then a follow up with the Doctor. Much more of a longer term project than I thought. A bit bummed out considering I was getting back my mojo for working out! 

However, let's look on the positive:

-It's a muscle problem not a spine problem

-Trips to the fridge are a no no, so I'll only be eating what I'm given. It'd be easy to comfort eat but I refuse to. Even with reduced exercise I'm not giving up on my healthly 2017. 

- I've still not got to grips with my muscle imbalances in my hip area so physio will be good to improve that. If I can't run for a few weeks this will be my focus.