Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Too many potential moves

Just when I was happily settling into lazy life of unemployment lots of things started to happen at once.

1) Martina submitted a grant this month that would see us move to Ireland in September if she got it. Its a very, very, very long shot so our thoughts were lets just go for it and if she got it we'll consider it.

2.) Then at a conference a couple of weeks ago she was approached about a job in Los Angeles, which would represent a HUGE opportunity for her career. It'd be a great city, with lots of opportunities for me too, somewhere we could settle down more permanently. Again nothing concrete, until a visit is arranged in the New Year, but this is looking a lot more likely to be a real job offer. It would also be a potential move at the end of next summer.

3.) Then I get an email about a job I applied for here months ago. It wasn't even a response to my original application. My old boss (the nice one) forwarded my details to his friend the company director since he knew he was looking for someone. Now I'm freaking out about applying for a great job because there is a possibility that we'd want to move from here in 8 months time. If only the job was somewhere else.

4.) Martina's current bosses want me to work for them. I've kind of shelved that option even tho the work would suit me and it'd be super convenient. I can see them being pissed if she left for somewhere else. She wouldn't need a good reference from them but I would!

Jeez, I must be the only person I know that doesn't really look for jobs but has them comes to them and then freaks out about it, ha ha. I've submitted my application for number 3 anyhow because we could get all of these opportunities or none of them could work out. Hell, I might not even get an interview. The real challenge would be if I get an interview and offer before we know about any of Martina's potential jobs.

I'd love Martina to get option number two so we could move away from South Carolina, especially since California was one of our top choices to move to in the USA. Its just what do I do in the mean time?

***update Did a phone interview for no. 3. Feel like it went a bit shit to be honest. They were interviewing me for a more junior position. I think my visa status will be a deal breaker but I'm not even sure if I want this different position. So we'll see if they get back to me about an on site interview.


  1. Darn, I was hoping I'd see Chicago on the list ;) JK! Whoa! When it rains it pours!!! I guess you could tell the interviewers you might be moving next summer?

    1. I get the feeling they want someone longer term. The more I think about it the less I want it anyway! Chicago, with the snow and the weather you are having now...pretty much swapping one crazy season for another lol.