Monday, 7 November 2016

Stop me, no don't, wait do?...arghhhhhh!

I made a humongous mistake yesterday. I watched the NYC marathon and as if that wasn't bad enough, I then followed that with the highlights of the Dublin marathon. Now I'm considering another marathon. Oh no.
This is the first time that thought has even occurred to me since I ran Disney almost two years ago. Maybe it's because it's been two years I feel the need to renew my membership in the marathon runners club or maybe it's because I have unfinished business, having never really had a good marathon experience. 
I also have really let running slip low on the totem pole this year, partly because I wanted to (for the summer) and mostly because I've been too sad and stressed out to concentrate on anything. Now that my main source of stress is mostly gone I wanna get going again and get back to being in really good running shape, a marathon seems like something I'd never mess around with. 
I'm gonna let this ruminate for a while. Let's just say it'd be a frickin awesome race (like NYC or Chicago or Big Sur) and I'll be trying to put a lot less pressure on myself and enjoy the process.....please tell me something to stop the madness!


  1. LOL. Here is something - you don't want to train in that summer heat for a marathon. So pick one in the spring if you do! ;)

    1. We'll see! Jeez you are mean't to say something awful to put me off of this terrible idea :p