Sunday, 23 October 2016

Famously Hot Pink Half, Columbia SC 2016

How's that for a half marathon name...Famously Hot Pink! It was on Saturday here in Columbia. I signed up the day before. I wasn't sure how I'd feel after Kentucky but when I was feeling good, I decided I couldn't miss a race right outside my door in aid of breast cancer. The 613k raised by this race went towards the purchase of a digital mammography machine for a local hospital. Since early detection is so key to beating any cancer, what a great cause!!
*My phone died a little into the race so I don't have a whole load of pictures*
The race started at the new Spirit Communications baseball stadium. The expo was also there but I was late for the expo (leaving work and got lost), and subsequently late picking Boomer up from the vet, and literally ran to and from getting my bib so I can't comment too much on its size. I did really like the tshirt tho. 
The combo of the stadium and course was really good. We passed the stadium a couple of times and also finished there. It's also a nice spot for supporters; seats, concessions and wifi. I know Martina appreciated all three (she was a wee bit hungover but still came out). 
The first 10 miles did an almost miraculous job of avoiding any steep hills. This was helped by 2.5 miles at my favorite flat running location along the river. Then it got hiller. Slightly longer, steeper hills but only one really bad one. That bad boy was a struggle just to walk up! There was a little crowd support but also a few spirit stations with cheerleaders etc. Less aid stations than last week but it was also a lot cooler, around 55F my favorite temps to run in. I felt pretty good throughout. More tired towards the end than I'd like but feeling better and better. I think my back and hips are starting to loosen up again as I didn't have any pain in my hips, knees or back. Winning! 
We finished in the middle of the stadium. I got a medal that is probably my favorite Columbia one as it has a lot of elements I'll remember about Columbia when I leave. Like the bridge, canal dam locks, the sun and the breast cancer ribbon (reminding me of some of my research here and Martina''s all about me, joking obvs)! However, the first finisher got a medal encrusted with topaz and diamonds...they must have been donated because those bad boys were valued at 6k each. Now that medal would deserve a whole case to itself!!
I finished at 2.16.49, faster than Dublin and Kentucky. Mostly down to weather and course rather than fitness related but still nice and done at a much more consistent pace. We went and got brunch after and then a nap. I've felt really good after so a nice fun race, I wasn't sure I'd do, but it worked out well in the end :) 

Half number: 34


  1. I like how they incorporated the ribbon in to the medal! It's nice it will be a reminder of Columbia for you! :)

  2. Yep it's pretty also like that it's 'rose gold' for a change