Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Running lately

Hi there!!! I haven't written about running a whole lot lately. As I've mentioned I didn't want to run a whole lot this summer and I haven't. 
I'm working my way through Hal Hidgon's novice one program. It's been a nice step back while the sun blazes outside. I'm up to a long run (if it can be called that) of 7 miles and by the time I go home I'll be just about ready to run a nice slow half marathon . 
The nice thing is that the runs are hard but not mentally they still seem short in my head..if that makes sense to anyone but me. I'm not running super fast but I'm pushing myself regardless. Since I have a spartan race approaching, a lot of my shorter runs I'll break up with some hard leg strength work to get myself used to running on really tired legs. Three days a week are running (2 with strength) then 2 days crosstraining (with strength).

 The gym at my apartment has been a godsend I love having it there. My shorter runs will often be on the treadmill and the longer ones I run as much as I can tolerate (just over half right now) outside and the rest on the treadmill. As it gets a cooler I'll slowly shift the balance back to outdoors.

 I changed my shoes back to PureConnects so some days I have achy shins, but I never got used to the pureflows and they occasionally gave me knee pain which I have zero tolerance for. The extra rest day right now lets me move things around to get better recovery if my shins are bothering me.
None of this is going to leave me crazy fit or ready for any one race but the extra strength work is good and most of all I'm really enjoying working out. 

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