Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hiding from the heat

I feel like I'm living on the face of the sun right now :) I've taken a couple of weeks off running to give my non-runner body a chance to heal a little from ongoing niggly injuries but mostly its because I don't want to run outside right now.
Life has also been on hold  for a while as Martina went for an interview in London for a potentially amazing job. I didn't blog much because I couldn't trust myself with a secret even on paper. It didn't work out :( but at least now we can make some plans for the rest of the summer and fall (trips and races!!).
I'm moving at the start of August and I'll have easy access to a treadmill for training. With that in mind I've decided that my next half marathon will be in September in Dublin, Ireland!!! Finally I'll run a half marathon in my own country. Exciting!!!


  1. Aww man, sorry the London thing didn't work out! Is she gonna keep looking for something else?

    That is so exciting about Dublin!!!

    1. Yeah I'm super excited to run one at home, the race is al held within the massive Phoenix park so it'll be pretty and the weather will be cool 🍾 She probably won't look for anything for a few months as we'll have just moved into a new place. It might be a bit much to ask to sublease after 1/2 months. This interview surprised us as we'd already agreed not to look for a while. At least she got a free trip home out of it!! Let me know if u are planning any fun fall halfs and I'll see if I can make it up there, now that I'm finally getting my life together ha ha