Sunday, 19 June 2016

Not training this week...and plans

Not really a whole lot to report. I did 2 body pump classes and a few stretching sessions at home. No ankle or shin pain and the sore knee I had in my last half is slowly loosening up enough that I haven't noticed it in class at all. Yippee!!!
My body is taking this whole resting thing to a new level. I've slept through the majority of this weekend. Maybe knowing where we are living for the next six months to a year has released some stress 😀 
However, a couple of weeks of taking it easy has kind of got me missing running but I guess that's the whole point of taking a break!! I was adamant that I wasn't going to run much this summer and I'm still on that thought train. To prep for the Dublin Half in September I'm going to mix a Hal Hidgon novice program with weight training and some other cross training. Enough to get me ready for that race and have a base for fall training ....but not enough to kill me with the heat (or boredom on the treadmill). That begins mid-end of July so for the next few weeks I'm slowly going to mix back in some running. I'm ridiculously excited to finally run a half at home so I think that'll be really great motivation for the next few months.
As far as other races go....I'm not sure I haven't registered for anything new yet. There won't be too many as new states = flights which means every race is a big investment. I'm thinking of the Staten Island Half in Oct, as Martina has been to NYC but not squeezed in any touristy stuff so it'd make a great weekend trip. So there is that and the Big Easy Half NOLA in November that I'd already registered for. Any recommendations? 
Work has also calmed down a lot (a grant was being submitted so prelim data had to be generated hence the crazyness) so I should be back to more regular posting.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Moving prep

We are mid-moving preparation, 6 weeks til we move. Holy moly did we manage to go from a suitcase each to a house full of stuff. We are selling and donating so many things. The things we sell will be used for a new sofa (our big one doesn't fit :( ) overall we are trying to declutter and focus on less 'things' but better quality. 
We are still trying to save money where we can e.g. This cute little chair from world market was half price....and yes I know it doesn't have legs..we are saving the assembly and use for our new house.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hiding from the heat

I feel like I'm living on the face of the sun right now :) I've taken a couple of weeks off running to give my non-runner body a chance to heal a little from ongoing niggly injuries but mostly its because I don't want to run outside right now.
Life has also been on hold  for a while as Martina went for an interview in London for a potentially amazing job. I didn't blog much because I couldn't trust myself with a secret even on paper. It didn't work out :( but at least now we can make some plans for the rest of the summer and fall (trips and races!!).
I'm moving at the start of August and I'll have easy access to a treadmill for training. With that in mind I've decided that my next half marathon will be in September in Dublin, Ireland!!! Finally I'll run a half marathon in my own country. Exciting!!!