Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New shoes

I've changed from my regular PureConnects to a pair of Pureflows and its turning out to be a rough start to our relationship. Really they are the same shoes but the PureFlows have a bit more cushion to help me with my on again off again shin splints. 
Even after a week running in them feels really weird, like awkwardly running on padded stilts. The transition to less cushion was definitely a lot easier than the other way around. I've had a few blisters but that seems to have eased up and every so often the soles of my feet feel numb (probably lacing them too tight to avoid said blisters). 
I've not had any shin pain so that's a big plus for the shoes I guess we'll have to stick it out and see if we fall in love with each other.


  1. That's interesting, because I have issues going to less cushion! I guess it's all about what we're used to! I am happy it's not bothering your shins!

    1. True, I've run in fairly minilist shoes for a while now so it'll probably take a while to get used to these.