Sunday, 22 May 2016

Last week of whole30ish

Well, folks the verdict is in....I like this way of eating. All I'm really doing is cutting out dairy, alcohol and processed foods, all things I've tried to do for a long time. I didn't buy any books, look up any receipes etc. I literally sat down decided what I wanted to do and adapted my eating to that. 
I think the beauty of this is that you can tell yourself it's only for 30 days (not even a full 30 with my 2-3 cheat meals spaced throughout the month). I find if  I'm not allowed even a little of something I stop thinking about it, bargaining with myself for just a little (and eating too much) and I don't feel deprived. 
The only time it's akward is socializing and I've given myself some leeway there because I don't go out often, usually for a celebration.  Martina is in Ireland for two weeks and we are both taking that time off from being strict (aka a nice treat here and there is ok) and when she comes back we'll do it strict again for another month. 
I've lost 7.5 lbs over the last month. The first few pounds were alarmingly fast (probably water and bloating) and the rest at a much more normal pace. It seems that this is the way for me to get my weight to a more manageable level, to keep those pesky hormones in check and to feel a hell of a lot better. 

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