Sunday, 8 May 2016

Flying Pig Half Marathon

So lately my life has been a Rihanna song, work work work. As predicted my new job keeps me running from one end of the day to the other and then I crash. So the weekend seems to be the only time I have to blog write. So here it is....I ran the Flying Pig Half Marathon last weekend. Half marathon number 30!!!! 

 Originally, I was meant to run the Kentucky Derby Festival the day before but that was out of the question as I couldn't get the time off work to make it to the expo on Friday before it closed. 
In the end we decided on a very tiring weekend, driving to Cincinnati on Saturday and back on Sunday. The driving (7 hours) wasn't so bad, but I think I'd been so stressed out about work and the race weekend that I felt a little disconnected from the whole experience. 
We got to Cincinnati in the nick of time, an hour before the expo closed. This was a disadvantage because it was a big expo I would have liked time to see but all the vendors were packing up....dudes just wait til 7pm. In good news it meant a lot of stuff was on sale. The clothes were overpriced to start with and had been picked through but I picked up a nice beer glass instead for 50% off. I also spotted some people walking around with sweet medals from the shorter races that day. Included with the bib was a nice race poster, I'm collecting them for my eventual gym room, and a fantastic gym bag.
That evening we stayed in an extended stay about ten minutes from the race. Not the fanciest but it was clean, dog friendly and had a kitchen to help us stick with our diet. I ate lots of potatoes to try pack in some carbs for the next day.
Race morning we parked near the expo and walked around 5 minutes to the start, woah the crowds, this was a big race. They even had port a potties in the corrals to get everyone in the corrals on time. All portapotties had massive lines so I had no time to go, I was a little uneasy when we took off running at  6am. It didn't come back to get me but other than no part of the running felt enjoyable at all. My legs were extremely tight and had no energy so it just felt like a slog, I need to get back to regular yoga! The two miles of solid hills around the middle of the course (I think) were walked. The last two miles were painful sore feet and sore shin ankle stuff. However, enough moaning. 
The race was very crowded but had fantastic course support and in a lot of spots huge crowd support. We ran across several bridges and along with those and the hills came some really beautiful views. Even if I was running a great race I would have stopped just to look and be thankful for such amazing views. The last mile when I was really hurting I broke my diet and took a cup of beer and shared a cheers with a random stranger. It's funny the little bits of camaraderie that stick in your head. I finished around 2.20 and got a fantastic medal.
After the race I passed through a long funnel of food I couldn't eat boohoo :) except bananas. Then met the fam to browse the other vendors. We hung out there for a good while by the river. 

Then it was homewards after a quick stop for me to change, coffee and some food for Boomer (we forgot his and he was starving...bad mom). This will probably be the last drive I do for a race, over 4 hours away, I'll try find Sunday races and fly. That'll slow me down with new states but I'll run more local races.
Speaking of I completely forgot I was signed up for a hometown half this's gonna be a hot one, afternoons are back into the nineties. I think that might be my last one for the summer. The medal for the Hotlanta half in June or Oddessy Half (in phili in June) are calling my name but I can't decide if I can stick out another month of long runs in this weather. I'm sure a shiny medal will win me over and you guys will have to listen to me bitch and moan about how miserable the heat is :p

Anyhow in summary the flying pig half  is awesome, hilly and crowded but it if you can.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Happy Mothers Day.


  1. There is a lot of talk about diet/things you can't eat in this post... did I miss something in another post? (P.S. Live life! You just ran a HM! You can eat more than a banana!)

    I heard this day was hella humid and hot! I bet you were prepared for it though! The course looks really pretty and the poster is really cool! :) Yay for #30!

    1. Just doing a 30 day reset no dairy, no grains, no anything ha ha. I've broke it once or twice anyway but I'm feeling really good, way more energy day to day.
      I don't think it was hot but I do remember thinking it was humid alrighht