Sunday, 22 May 2016

Last week of whole30ish

Well, folks the verdict is in....I like this way of eating. All I'm really doing is cutting out dairy, alcohol and processed foods, all things I've tried to do for a long time. I didn't buy any books, look up any receipes etc. I literally sat down decided what I wanted to do and adapted my eating to that. 
I think the beauty of this is that you can tell yourself it's only for 30 days (not even a full 30 with my 2-3 cheat meals spaced throughout the month). I find if  I'm not allowed even a little of something I stop thinking about it, bargaining with myself for just a little (and eating too much) and I don't feel deprived. 
The only time it's akward is socializing and I've given myself some leeway there because I don't go out often, usually for a celebration.  Martina is in Ireland for two weeks and we are both taking that time off from being strict (aka a nice treat here and there is ok) and when she comes back we'll do it strict again for another month. 
I've lost 7.5 lbs over the last month. The first few pounds were alarmingly fast (probably water and bloating) and the rest at a much more normal pace. It seems that this is the way for me to get my weight to a more manageable level, to keep those pesky hormones in check and to feel a hell of a lot better. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Using race coupons

I normally never use coupons that I get from races because I usually don't get any I need or would like to use. However, the last two halfs I've run have been incredibly useful. Flying Pig sent me a $10 off for Road ID after the race (a nice surprise), something I've wanted to get for a while.  I also managed to get free shipping. 
Then the race packet this weekend included some coupons for Dicks Sporting Goods. I've been after a one piece swimsuit for ages and I really like the TYR designs but didn't want to buy blind online on the size. Dicks sells them so I now know my size for future purchases and the cashier used two coupons (he probably wasn't meant to) so I got a $65 swimsuit for $35. Woohoo!
Hopefully this trend continues.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New shoes

I've changed from my regular PureConnects to a pair of Pureflows and its turning out to be a rough start to our relationship. Really they are the same shoes but the PureFlows have a bit more cushion to help me with my on again off again shin splints. 
Even after a week running in them feels really weird, like awkwardly running on padded stilts. The transition to less cushion was definitely a lot easier than the other way around. I've had a few blisters but that seems to have eased up and every so often the soles of my feet feel numb (probably lacing them too tight to avoid said blisters). 
I've not had any shin pain so that's a big plus for the shoes I guess we'll have to stick it out and see if we fall in love with each other.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Week 2 of whole30ish

This week has been pretty great eating wise. One or two very small slips but for the most part I've stuck to it. The constant tiredness and lack of concentration I've had for ages seems to be gone for now. Thank goodness because for a while there I thought I'd lost my touch in the lab with how much of a struggle even simple stuff was everyday.
Now I've had a few very high energy days making me think I'm over the hump of adaption to this way of eating. My jeans are no longer trying to strangle me...too many months of pjs made me forget how uncomfortable badly fitting clothes are. Other than those two things I've lost another 3 pounds for a total of 6. I'm now hovering around my highest 'healthy' weight, somewhere I sat for a long time before a trip to Ireland tipped me over the edge.  Mostly, I'm happy with how I feel, like myself again, rather than a number on the scales.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Flying Pig Half Marathon

So lately my life has been a Rihanna song, work work work. As predicted my new job keeps me running from one end of the day to the other and then I crash. So the weekend seems to be the only time I have to blog write. So here it is....I ran the Flying Pig Half Marathon last weekend. Half marathon number 30!!!! 

 Originally, I was meant to run the Kentucky Derby Festival the day before but that was out of the question as I couldn't get the time off work to make it to the expo on Friday before it closed. 
In the end we decided on a very tiring weekend, driving to Cincinnati on Saturday and back on Sunday. The driving (7 hours) wasn't so bad, but I think I'd been so stressed out about work and the race weekend that I felt a little disconnected from the whole experience. 
We got to Cincinnati in the nick of time, an hour before the expo closed. This was a disadvantage because it was a big expo I would have liked time to see but all the vendors were packing up....dudes just wait til 7pm. In good news it meant a lot of stuff was on sale. The clothes were overpriced to start with and had been picked through but I picked up a nice beer glass instead for 50% off. I also spotted some people walking around with sweet medals from the shorter races that day. Included with the bib was a nice race poster, I'm collecting them for my eventual gym room, and a fantastic gym bag.
That evening we stayed in an extended stay about ten minutes from the race. Not the fanciest but it was clean, dog friendly and had a kitchen to help us stick with our diet. I ate lots of potatoes to try pack in some carbs for the next day.
Race morning we parked near the expo and walked around 5 minutes to the start, woah the crowds, this was a big race. They even had port a potties in the corrals to get everyone in the corrals on time. All portapotties had massive lines so I had no time to go, I was a little uneasy when we took off running at  6am. It didn't come back to get me but other than no part of the running felt enjoyable at all. My legs were extremely tight and had no energy so it just felt like a slog, I need to get back to regular yoga! The two miles of solid hills around the middle of the course (I think) were walked. The last two miles were painful sore feet and sore shin ankle stuff. However, enough moaning. 
The race was very crowded but had fantastic course support and in a lot of spots huge crowd support. We ran across several bridges and along with those and the hills came some really beautiful views. Even if I was running a great race I would have stopped just to look and be thankful for such amazing views. The last mile when I was really hurting I broke my diet and took a cup of beer and shared a cheers with a random stranger. It's funny the little bits of camaraderie that stick in your head. I finished around 2.20 and got a fantastic medal.
After the race I passed through a long funnel of food I couldn't eat boohoo :) except bananas. Then met the fam to browse the other vendors. We hung out there for a good while by the river. 

Then it was homewards after a quick stop for me to change, coffee and some food for Boomer (we forgot his and he was starving...bad mom). This will probably be the last drive I do for a race, over 4 hours away, I'll try find Sunday races and fly. That'll slow me down with new states but I'll run more local races.
Speaking of I completely forgot I was signed up for a hometown half this's gonna be a hot one, afternoons are back into the nineties. I think that might be my last one for the summer. The medal for the Hotlanta half in June or Oddessy Half (in phili in June) are calling my name but I can't decide if I can stick out another month of long runs in this weather. I'm sure a shiny medal will win me over and you guys will have to listen to me bitch and moan about how miserable the heat is :p

Anyhow in summary the flying pig half  is awesome, hilly and crowded but it if you can.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Happy Mothers Day.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Whole30 week one

I guess I shouldn't title this post whole30, maybe whole30ish.  I'm week one into 30 days of no sugary processed foods, no dairy and no alcohol. 

So why am I doing it:
Because I sometimes I suck at moderation...I like all clean food or just all the food. That is not good for losing weight.
I'm petty good most of the time but it slowly slides out of control and this is a general reset for my body and my eating habits.
I want to concentrate on eating really well and letting the pounds follow rather than obsessing over calories.
I've been feeling a bit like poop for quite a while. Tired (like really tired) all the time, bloated and just generally blah. Since I know my thyroid is fine (checked in blood work this year) I considered going to the doctor to get my hormone levels checked to see if my PCOS was flaring up but I decided to save myself a few hundred bucks just for someone to tell me to lose weight, forgo the kick in the bum and just do what's needed.

The Heart and Sole race really made me think about the fact that I want to live a long and healthy life.

Why only whole30ish?
1. Well from what I've read the people who made the diet aren't dieticans or proper nutritionists. Sure people will love to pick holes in what is common sense, just because they can, but some stuff I don't agree cutting out legumes. 
One of the reasons they suggest to cut them is because they have lots of carbs besides the protein....but runners need some carbs, there are only so many potatoes even an Irish girl can eat. The second is some BS about lectins (sugar binding proteins)....hello stomach acid breaks those bad boys up into non functional pieces. If I can't leave lectins at room temperature on a lab bench I'm sure my body is safe.

2. I'm a vegetarian. I need legumes for protein and as far as processed foods go I'm allowing Quorn since I'm not allowed tofu (although I think the jury is still out on the estrogenic effects of soy) because again I need something other than nuts as a source of protein.

3. I'm weighing myself weekly (they say not to) just because I want to.

I did have one planned cheat meal/evening and oh boy did I make myself sick. I wasn't a glutton I had 2 beers (small ones),a few chips with guac and a slice of chocolate cake. I took the night off for our first lab happy hour and broke so many rules I can't figure out what might have made me ill. I'm so glad I decided against paying for flights to run the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon because it would not have been a good flight, ha ha. It is interesting though maybe I have more food allergies (so far just sesame seeds for sure, which sucks cause they are delicious and Jack Daniels) than I thought.
Oh and I also allowed myself Gatorade during the Flying Pig Half this weekend as my calves were cramping and I had zero energy, thankfully that didn't have any negative consequences.
So according to whole30 I should completely reset but I think the thought of that would just make me quit completely.

What's it been like?
Honestly, the first few days I felt worst rather than better. I was falling asleep straight after work and running. I was drinking so much water I'd be waking up at night to either drink or pee.

Now I feel like I've come out the other side of that as I wasn't too tired today even after 14+ hours of driving in two days. The unquenchable thirst is gone and I'm enjoying not struggling with chocolate etc calling my name (because there is none in the house).

I've lots 3 pounds this week. I'm not naive enough to think this is fat but debloating is almost as nice. It'll be interesting at the end of the month to slowly reintroduce foods and figure out if this is just a processed food effect or something specific.

I'm not endorsing whole30 because a) it wouldn't suit everyone, b) it's a trending diet and I don't generally like them and c) I'm not really doing whole30 more like a inspired by version. That's a lot of information to say hey I'm on a diet but I find the changes that you can make to your body (health and how you feel) in such a short space of time really interesting.