Sunday, 10 April 2016

Training Log

This week was my first week back at work but it was also a lovely week for running. The weather which has been causing snow etc. up north has given us a really nice cool week.

Body Pump I got myself up and ready for BP at 7am. Showering and changing at the gym got me into work for 8.30am...perfect!

4 miles @ 9.12 min/mile I ran a mile with Boomer and then 3 by myself it felt good and I got faster as the run went on.

7.25 miles @ 8.27 min/mile.
Pyramid style workout 1 mile warmup 2x 400m (7.15, 6.48), 2 x 800m (7.18, 7.13), 1 x mile (7.24), 2 x 800m (7.23, 7.37), 2 x 400m (7.39, 7.23 min/mile). All had 400m recovery except after the mile - it got 800m recovery as I had to run to the bathroom and back. An unofficial 10k PR with this run.

The week before was 800s with a mile at the end so I knew I could do a decent workout at this pace and wanted to take advantage of the cooler weather. As I was warming up shin splints (left shin) were hurting and at one point I had such a sharp pain in my shin I was going to stop. A few strides later it was gone and the achy pain of the shin splints went away as I warmed up. I was extra pleased that I stuck it out.


3 miles @10.08 min/mile A slow run with the dog. He likes to sniff around, pee and poop before really getting going with his run...just like his mom.

5 miles @9.20 min/mile River trail running enjoying some music.

8 miles running @ 9.43 min/mile I cut back my long run as everything has been feeling very off for the last couple of weeks. I'm super ready for new shoes and a massage at the end of this month


  1. What's feeling so off? When are you getting new shoes? Take care of you! I hope your shin doesn't bug you again!

    How are you liking doing something different each week for speed? Do you think it's helping? I just read this interesting article about IIP theory in training - introduce, improve, perfect - where you purposely do the same workout three weeks in a row to get better at it, and yeah, perfect it. And I thought of you, since I commented to you about how I try to do different speedwork each week! Maybe I should try a three week cycle of that. Anyway. Are you looking for a 10K now? :)

    1. Just sorer and tighter all over than usual. I think the shin splints are due to tight legs (as they are on and off) prob coming from my hips like all my past problems :) I think a massage and extra stretching will sort it out.
      I do like doing different Things each week. I really like doing the pyramid workout....the ocd part of me would let me quit before the repeats were symmetrical :) not looking for a 10k I think the 5k will be killer enough lol.