Saturday, 2 April 2016

Race registration regrets

I think this is probably the only time I've ever even thought of regret in relation to registering for a race!! My double half marathon weekend is coming up and I'm having issues. Not running ones, no logistics. 

When I signed up I didn't think I'd have a job, we'd just drive up to Kentucky, run, go to Ohio, run and go home. Tiring but fun and affordable. Well I'm starting a new job on Monday and the races are in four weeks. I'm not sure asking for a day off in my first month is the best idea...or will give the best impression. 
I could fly up but that has two main problems 1.) I'd still have to take a half day off (to get to the Kentucy expo on time, no one else can pick up the packet either 2.) flights are looking like they'd be around $500 and I won't get paid for a month (and I don't want to commit that much of what is meant to be my first paycheck fun money to flights).
The upshot of all this is I don't think I'll be doing the Kentucky race, we'll drive a little on Friday night and Saturday to get to Cinncinati for the Flying Pig half marathon. I've diddered back and forth about this, its paining me to give up running in a new state but this way I'll get to actually see some of Cinncinati, somewhere I've never been, and when I eventually get to Kentucky it'll be the same. At the end of the day registering for the double has made me train more which is why I've signed up.

I'm going to hold onto the bib for another week in case I change my mind and then sell it (allows transfer) so if anyone wants to buy a bib for the Kentucky Derby Festival Half marathon let me know.  


  1. That is good they allow transfer so you can get rid of that bib if you decide to!

    I bet work would be understanding if you did need to take a day off - it happens - people plan for things and start new jobs all the time :)

    1. Yes I hope I can sell it.
      Considering I'm already having to negotiate for two weeks in Selttember I think even one day will be an issue...but for once I feel like I'm being paid a fair salary so I can't complain too much.