Sunday, 10 April 2016

First Week back at work

Since I did a first week at home post I thought I'd write a first week back at work post. Man, I forgot how short the days are when you are working...hello I haven't written a blog post all week. 
My new most used lab tools

My new lab is small but it's intense. Everyone works really hard. That's great, I've always been a hard worker but it's so much easier when the people around you are motivated! It's a bit intimidating for the new person though. 
I've been assigned a big experiment, something I've never (or anyone in lab) done, so it's been hard sitting round all week figuring it out, ordering stuff and waiting for cells to grow. I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs but I'm having to be patient, let things go at their own speed while I learn the lay of the land. However, if I get the experiment to work it'll be a great start to a new job. I'm just hoping any reservations I have are just the nerves of the first few weeks. 

As far as running and working out goes, it's been pretty good. I've not been sleeping great, nervousness and a change in routine, so I only made it to one of my planned three body pump classes. I missed one because I barely slept the night before and one because it was cancelled. As for running I've been tired but I always am so it's not been that different just a case of getting out the door. 

I'm excited for next week when I should get some real work going and get to know my workmates better.

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