Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wednesday Randomness

Getting my decorating hat on again, all for our bedroom. Since it doesn't look like I'll be running a marathon anytime soon I took some weight off my medal rack and put my marathon medals in a shadow box (50% off at Micheals right now). I also framed my Little Rock poster before it gets crumpled. I don't really have room to hang either right now but they'll find a home when I move.
A nice honeymoon picture in one frame and the other is going to be a print I got on esty.
I trimmed the edges of our US map so it would fit properly on the cork board. One of my favorite things to do after a trip is to put a new pin in the map.

I did two things on my run yesterday 
1.) got sunburn on my shoulders.......the strength of the sun took me by surprise. Lots of sunscreen from now on.
2.) I twisted my other ankle. I haven't twisted one since I was about 12 yrs old and now 2 in 2 weeks, I guess they wanted to be even,  seriously could not make this s.... up ha ha. No running today as a result. It's meant to hit 86 this afternoon and then the weather breaks and gets a little cooler tomorrow so that suits me just fine.
Good thing about this run is that my favorite running spot (no cars and flat) reopened 6 months after being smashed up by the flood. It's looking great they made some extra renovations in undamaged parts of the park while waiting for the main break to be fixed. Also another first for 2016 was a lovely swim in the outdoor pool afterwards.

My flowers this week were Daffodils. Right about now much of Ireland is covered in them. We also have  Daffodil Day in March. Real and fake daffodils are sold to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. 

Lastly, I have a job interview on Monday...ekkk. I don't know if it really counts as an interview as its more this person convincing me to work for them rather than vice versa. Someone I already know is looking for a researcher for their lab and my old boss reminded her that I was still around. She seems to have her mind set on me now, even brought Martina for coffee to try figure out if I'd be interested ha ha. If I don't put her off or she doesn't try to lowball me I'll most likely be back doing research full time by May.


  1. Ooo, do you want to go back to doing research?

    That is great that the path is reopened and that they spruced it up! YAY!

    And I know this is a comment theme in my comments, but geesh, the weather! You are already swimming outside?!

    Be nice to those ankles! :)

    1. Right now, I don't really care too much what I do as long as its science related and might be a benefit in the future. I see this as a way to keep my technical skills fresh, maybe learn some more and she has offered to let me do some of her teaching, so I get the teaching experience I want. Long term its not what I want (espec. since we want to move) but she knows that, and knows that we plan to move, so at least if I work for 6 months and then leave she knew the deal from the start. In the meanwhile I'll be working a science job and earning a good salary, more than I expected when we decided to stay on after my last job ended :)
      Yes the weather is shocking me too :) Feel free to comment I think it'll be a common theme in my posts for a while!! Non-running me is delighted, its beautiful.....running me not so happy ha ha! I really like the outdoor pool..I'll be doing more swimming soon.