Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Training Log

My training log is super late this week. I had a good week of training. No twisted ankles just back to grinding out some miles.

BodyPump @7am

Walking 30 minutes  with the dog
Grass cutting 1 hour it occurred to me that getting a mower moving when it gets stuck in grass or weeds is a lot like a chest press....add a million of those to my training this week.
Running 4 miles @9.28 min/mile just a few nice easy miles

Flowers everywhere

BodyPump 1 hour sore shoulder (left as always) and tight legs
Running 4 miles @ 9.22 min/mile Another meet on track, grrrr, so I did two laps of the road around the fields and track. It was hot (around 75) but the humidity was low so it felt nice.

Running 6 miles @ 8.45 min/mile Even hotter today (in the 80s). I brought a large bottle of water, salt tabs and a face cloth with me to the track. All were needed. Despite anti-histamines the cloth turned into a snot rag (gross).
10 x 400 m intervals with 400m recovery- 6.55, 6.48, 7.08, 7.07, 7.19, 7.19, 7.06, 7.17, 6.56, 7.26 min/mile
I always end up running faster than I should because of the way the GPS lags on the parts of the track. I felt good during this workout. I could probably have put the extra one or two repeats on this but it wouldn't have been pretty it was a lot harder to recover for the last few repeats :) Next week I think I'll try 800s and see how that goes at 5k pace.


 Running 6 miles @ 9.02 min/mile I ran 3 easy miles and then 3 HM pace miles (around 8.30 min/mile) as part of the Bunny Hop 5k. The HM pace was not hard but it definitely wasn't comfortable either. The humidity was in the 90s so I was soaked in sweat by the time I was done.
The race was fun and an excuse to get out running early. I got a nice soft cotton t-shirt. They had some coffee, fruit, cookies etc. at the finish and I got to high-five Cocky (the Gamecocks football team mascot) and the Easter Bunny.
After changing we went right back out to the farmers market (on a roll with going every week) and got some breakfast and lots of veggies for the week ahead.

 Running 10 miles @ 9.49 min/mile Again super humid and it rained my entire run. For around the first 4 miles it was light rain, then I stopped for a bathroom/water fountain break and when I came out of the bathroom it was lashing down.
Somewhere around mile 7 I looked at my arm and it was covered in foam. I just thought great I've started foaming like a horse does when it runs ha, ha. Then I realized it was all gathering around my chest area. I must have had some detergent still in the top after washing it, either that or my breasts were not designed with feeding a baby in mind, I'm just going to produce bubbles....what a party trick!

 Other than some sore wet feet it was a decent run I was just glad to strip off, get clean and warm when I got home.

I don't know if it was because I had non-workout stuff going on this week (so my mind was distracted) but most of the running just kind of flew by and before I knew it the week was over. I also had a lots of naps 2/3 with the pup so maybe that helped too. I'm very guilty of being a couch potato when I'm not working out so I think my first few weeks back to work will be tiring but it'll be good for me :)


  1. Ha! I was just telling some friends about the time my capris got all soapy during a rainy run! So weird!

    I know I say this all the time, but your temps are blowing my mind. Too early for all that. Yuck!

    It's good you stopped your 400s when you did - I always think you should finish feeling like you could have done one more ;)

    1. Yes too early. I got my first couple of mosquito bites yesterday....way too early for that!!

      Thats what I thought too (about the 400s) but sometimes tho I can't tell if the last couple are so hard because I know the end is in sight or if I am actually tired :)