Monday, 21 March 2016

Training log

I'm not sure if this should be called a training log...not a whole lot of training last week. 
Monday - BodyPump
Tuesday 5 mile run at the opened park + ankle sprain...that's what I get for messing around on the river bank.
30 minute swim in the outdoor pool straight afterwards.
Wednesday BodyPump class but no running. Ankle hurt to walk on but it was ok in BP except for on deep squats.
Thursday still too sore to run
Friday a lot better but decided not to run so it would be perfect for Saturday.
Saturday I completely got up on the wrong side of the bed. First I couldn't find my watch for around 30 minutes of panic and then ran a miserable 5k. Even though my expectations were probably unrealistic I got myself worked up into a right sad/bad mood at myself and did nothing for the rest of the day.
Sunday 5 miles of running I can run when I'm angry/happy/stressed, sad not so much. I went out for a run and yes stuff like my ankle felt a little off but really I stopped at 5 because my mood was so bad I was almost making myself cry with all the thoughts just churning around in my head and running is meant to be fun so I hopped in the car, went home and slept off whatever the hell was wrong with me on the sofa! I know as a woman it's not good to encourage stereotypes but I must have had one hell of a case of PMS going on because I have no other explaination for why I felt the way I did all weekend.

I started this week on a much better footing. I got up and went to BP at 7am because I know I have a job interview at 10 and our landlord is doing a viewing of our house at 1 so I'm getting my workout in early rather than putting it off. 


  1. I hope your week continues to be better! I hate being in a funk like that for no reason. And seriously... forget that 5K. Train hard for the next one and go get it. And don't mess up your ankles in the weeks before it ;)

    1. Thanks girlie. I'm calling you Coach Kim for the 5k in May :)

    2. Schweet! Heads up... I am a tough love coach. HA!