Monday, 14 March 2016

Training Log

Spring has arrived in South Carolina. Even after 3 years here it still surprises me how abrupt the change from one season to another can be. In the space of a week:
  • The lawn has gone from needing a little trim in one or two small spots to needing a full 'haircut' 
  • Every dogwood tree in town is in full bloom
  • Pollen is starting to pile up on the ground and car
  • Temperatures have crept up into the 80s in the afternoons
All of that will mean some changes need to be made with training and soon I'll need to start popping antihistamines like smarties, but for this week I stuck it out with the way I've been doing things (running in the afternoon).
Its been spring break here at the university so my week has been light on classes but otherwise good.

Rest Feeling almost jet lagged after 12 hours in the car the day before...oh and really sore :)

Running - 3 miles @9.23 min/mile Started out super slow and got faster with each mile
Love Charleston
Martina and another Susan G. Komen grant holder were being honored by the Lowcountry Susan G. Komen Board. We went to Charleston and had fun chatting to all the fundraisers, board members, donors etc etc. I enjoyed the open bar ha ha.

How I felt about driving there ha ha
 Body Pump - 1 hour Felt good
Running 5 miles @9.55 min/mile I'm such a clutz. I stepped down the steps at the back door to hang out some clothes to dry and literally landed on the outside of my right foot and twisted my ankle. I went for a run anyhow as it was only a little sore. The combo of that and a meet on the track made me delay my speed work until later in the week.

Rest -  I shouldn't have run on Wednesday....ankle hurt even more as a result. Lots of ice and elevation.

Running- 5 miles @8.24 min/mile 1 mile warmup, 8 x 400m intervals with 400m recovery
7.04, 7.31, 7.18, 7.12, 7.04, 7.13, 7.11, 7.03 min/mile. 
The day of rest was enough to fix my ankle, thank goodness and it felt fine on this run. First run with temperatures over 80F in a long time.
Next weekend we'll see if the speed work is starting to pay off with my St.Patricks Day 5k. I'm not holding out any hope of a PR (as I'm not as trim and fit as this time last year) but I'll give it my best shot anyhow.

Grass cutting- 1.5 hours
Running - 7 miles @ 9.35 min/mile Time to start upping my Saturday runs to get used to running a lot on the weekend. I felt really good on this run.

Running - 10 miles @ 9.47 min/mile I felt hot and out of sorts. My stomach was bugging me and I took a good few stops just to drink/rest. At least the crazy humidity has not kicked in yet, it meant that the breeze felt lovely while I ran.

I achieved my main focus for this week which was to get my miles back up to 30 miles/week. I'm going to keep it there for next week and I'm also going to---get 2-3 Body Pump classes done and add in some outdoor swimming (if its warm enough) to loosen up my back. 


  1. Oh man, I have totally done stupid crap like that to my ankle! It's the worst! Hope it's better by now.

    I bet you'll be surprised at the 5K - your speedwork will pay off.

    It's nuts to me how warm it already is there! It got in to the 60s here last week and I was like "NO! Not ready!" ha ha.

    1. Its fine I was just silly to run on it that day. I probably would barely have noticed it if I'd just rested it afterwards.
      Its nuts to me too, the sweet spot where you can really enjoy going outdoors in general but still have it be nice for running is such a small window. I don't mind the heat tho its when the summer humidity gets going that I'll want to die :)