Monday, 14 March 2016

Struggling with my own language

I still stumble over using the American version of some words and for somethings like vegetables, the American version is so beaten into my brain at this stage that, I struggle to remember my original words for them.

Travel related
Gas = Petrol
Hood = Bonnet
Trunk = Boot
Truck = lorry
Sidewalk = footpath
Elevator = lift
Giving someone a Ride is also called a lift and in Ireland a ride is slang for something very different than someone bringing you somewhere, so be careful what you ask for ;)

It seems a lot of French has been incorporated into the English in Europe where vegetables are concerned.
Snow peas = Mangetout (eat everything, nom nom)
Zucchini =  courgette
Cilantro= Coriander (yucky)
Eggplant = aubergine
Cookie = biscuit and boy do we have more variety on this front
French Fires = chips
Candy = Sweets

Sweater = jumper
Pants = trousers  here pants mean well pants, in Ireland it generally refers to when I started in lab and saw signs saying "no pants = no science" I got a little perplexed.

These are just a few of the hundreds of words that catch me up everyday. Lets not even start on the teeny tiny differences in spelling, like color versus colour, I think for a while my old boss was convinced I couldn't even spell never-mind speak properly, ha ha!


  1. Ha, good tip about the ride ;)

    And don't forget holiday vs vacation!

    I bet a little time overseas and you'd have all the lingo back down :) Or you could watch some British shows ;)

    1. Yes that one always throws me because a holiday to you guys is generally like 4th of July, a set day or time, whereas to me its a vacation.
      I'm sure after a while of being made fun of I'd be back to my old versions of words, I'm generally better at catching myself at saying the American versions when at home. Its just really funny its like learning another language sometimes!