Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nice things 2

After writing about how much I loved music I decided to just go ahead and get a cheap guitar that I could play around on, build up some calluses and practice the little I know, so I could get a jump start on lessons when I get my good one back. I saw one when we were thrifting for $25 but when I went back last Wednesday to get it was 75. At that stage I was too excited about getting it and went ahead and bought it anyhow. 
I went to a music store to get a tuner and the guy said to bring the guitar in for a check up and  if it needed adjusting he'd do it for free. So I tuned it and played a little but it felt off, so I brought it in. The guy tried to adjust it as we chatted but it turns out the rod in the neck of the guitar was broken so it was pretty much unplayable. In the meanwhile we had talked about how excited I was to learn again, how I was looking for work etc etc. 
So instead of trying to just sell me a new guitar he did a "trade". He pulled out a guitar someone had not picked up in years and he'd been pulling parts off, fixed it up and kept my junk one for parts instead. I left feeling vaguely unsettled and incredibly grateful by this act of kindness. How nice is that!!

We now owe $0 on our car loan. I still have to figure out what I have to do to formally close out the loan and get the car title. We've paid it off over a year and a half early....good for a 3 year loan :) that's due to a combo of paying extra large payments each month while I was working and using our tax refunds to pay the remainder...yay what a weight of my mind.

Kind of sad but also resulted in something nice...my grand-uncle died last year. I didn't know him very well, he was a priest in Austrailia most of my life, so while I remember him being a really nice man we weren't super close. Anyhow, he left all his nieces and nephews some money in his will, my Dad gave myself and my brother some his share of the money. I've decided that when Martina travels to Ireland (possibly in September) I'm going to go with her and use the money for flights. I think Father Jim would appreciate the money being used to bring family together.


  1. How cool that he gave you the other guitar! That is awesome!

    You know, when we paid off our car loan, we thought we had to go to the DMV to get the title or something... it was confusing. Basically, we did not need to go. Call before so you don't waste your time!

    What a nice way to use that money :)

    1. Yeah it felt really weird like charity, which seems wrong because if I really had to I could just buy another cheap one, but if he wanted to do it who am I to say no. I'll just have to make sure to a) shop there for all my music needs and b) pass on the good k
      karma by doing something nice for someone else.
      I have no idea what to do. I can always call the loan people to figure it out once the payment is fully processed.
      Thanks, my parents were talking about visiting but I got the feeling that they weren't really looking forward to the long trip so I think this works out best, plus both myself and Martina get a travel buddy rather than always going by ourselves!