Saturday, 19 March 2016

Get to the Green 5k 2016

I'm gonna keep this short so I don't get too whiny. The race itself was awesome great organization, nice t-shirt and medal. I just sucked!

To get a PR I would have had to run a 7.45-7.55 min/mile the whole way. I warmed up with a half mile slow run. I started and immediately settled myself into a 7.45 pace rather than let myself run faster. However, my lungs and heart just did not cooperate . I felt really out of breath all the time.

Mile 1 8.08, mile 2 8.14, mile 3 8.35 min/mile. The whole thing was just a horrible slog even slower than the 5k I ran at Christmas despite being fitter and doing more speed work.
Those last two miles mirrored the last two miles of my last half marathon. Grrrrrr!!!! I'm so angry at myself. Maybe I'm just not putting enough work in or maybe it was just a bad running day. Either way it's done and over with, I'll find another 5k to make up for it.


  1. I wonder if your allergies had something to do with it, too?

    Did you feel like you were ready to PR and you had been doing the speedwork to get you there?

    1. Maybe or maybe I didn't warm up enough and my heart rate spiked too much at the start. I think I should be able to PR at this distance even if only by a little bit. I definetely should have at least got a heck of a lot closer than I did!

    2. I don't know - it takes a lot of work for me to PR at the 5K! Do you think your time is such that it should be easy for you to beat it? (I guess what I am getting at, is if you want to PR the 5K, focus on that in your training :) )

    3. Any specific workouts you'd recommend for the 5k?

    4. I like to build up to 5K distance in intervals - like build up to 12 400s and 6 800s - at pace. I also did 800s with 1:00s after during my last training cycle to teach my legs fast turnover on tired legs. Ideally I'd have done mile repeats but I did tempos (not at race pace) instead. :) I trained for 8 weeks for my last one.

    5. I'll get to work on those...I suspect its the longer repeats at that pace I need.

    6. Cool! And take your time building up to it! Do you already have a new 5K in mind?

    7. No not yet. I might run one or two between now and a goal race to get used to a harder effort but there is pretty much one every weekend here so I should be able to pick one a couple of months from now.

    8. Actually I lie I'm already signed up for one at the end of May so that should work