Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Five things about me you might not know

I LOVE music-

  • I was in two choirs in school and during, whats called, Transition Year (non-exam focused year) in high school I spent two weeks (every night to around 300 people) performing in a variety show with a ton of other people in our local town. I can't really sing much anymore, not enough practice and I forgotten the correct technique so my voice croaks out after all of 30 seconds.
  • I never got around to learning an instrument (properly). I have a beautiful guitar sitting in my parents attic that I'm planning to bring back to the US, the next time I go to Ireland, and most importantly get lessons on.
  • I obsess over music or artists....I will play an album over and over until I make myself so sick of it I can't listen to it anymore.
  • My first splurge after getting a job will be buying new music.

Most annoying genetic quirks, smelling asparagus pee, stupid cucumber and cilantro (known to me as coriander) tasting, I have. Unfortunately that means that even though most indian food can be vegetarian friendly, I rarely go to Indian restaurants because of cilantro.

I've had a ton of random jobs

  • my first job was in a kitchen washing dishes, eventually I worked my way up to running what was called the back kitchen (starters and desserts). It paid almost nothing and is still one of the harder jobs I've done.
  • I worked in a furniture factory in the spray room, wiping down the furniture as it was stained and sanding it between coats of lacquer. It was probably the time when I had the most upper body strength, moving pine furniture around by hand all day. I was also permanently high for the first couple of weeks until I got used to the fumes!!
  • One of my favorites (because I love photography) was working in a camera shop. I sold cameras and before everything went digital developed film and printed photographs.
  • Between all these jobs and working in a lab for years I've surely taken years off my life by chemical exposure ha ha.

I originally wanted to be a vet 
  • I blame the James Herriot novels...very funny.
  • I went shadowed one and even assisted with surgery but my Dad talked me out of it. He works with animals and as he said he didn't want me out in fields in the middle of the night with my arm up a cows bum.
  • Veterinary medicine is almost impossible to get straight into as an undergrad in Ireland so after I decided not to do it I just kind of coasted through school until my final year of college. I still did really well I just regret not trying harder.

I am not a fashionista
  • Only for the fact that my weight has gone up and down so much in the last 10 years I'd probably still have my college clothes. 
  • Even my workout clothes are usually plain black capris and shirts I get at races.
  • I don't wear makeup unless its for a formal event.
  • The only thing I am particular about is grooming. I love getting my hair and nails done. I'm also starting to go grey, almost to the point of needing dye, so I guess I'll be visiting the salon more often, ha ha.

Lots of randomness. Tell me something random about yourself?

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