Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A new place

This week has been a bit crazy, meetings with new boss, lunch with my old boss and lastly viewing apartments. We finally made the decision that if we are to stay in Columbia we need a change so we are to move house. We also need somewhere a bit more flexible in terms of lease duration or subleasing (so we can move if we get job offers) so unfortunately we are moving from a house to an apartment.

As sad as it'll be to lose some privacy and a yard for the dog there are a lot of upsides:
The dog might not have a yard (he gets a dog park instead) but on the other hand I won't have to half die mowing it at the height of summer.....or get eaten alive by Mosquitos. 
Included in rent is Internet, cable and water so a lot of our bills are eliminated making money management easier.
The complex has a small gym with 4-5  treadmills so if the weather gets super hot this summer I have somewhere air conditioned to do some shorter runs.
It also has a pool area to hang out and enjoy the sun (without ants :) )
It has a bus to the university so no paying for parking again, no need to coordinate schedules everyday and our car doesn't get a ton of junk miles added to it.
Lastly the apartments are nice and I'm looking forward to breaking free of the stlye rut we've gotten ourselves into with our current place and also to use the move as an excuse to declutter.

I'm a weird mix of excited and stressed right now with all the changes going on at the moment but we won't be moving until July just enough time to pick out some new furniture!!!!


  1. Good luck searching for a new home. When I lived in Houston, a pool and indoor gym was a must for surviving the hot summers. It sounds like there are a lot of pros to apartment living. I always enjoyed living in an apartment (as long as you luck out with good, quiet neighbors). :)

    1. We've already applied somewhere and if all goes well we are down for a top floor apt so at least we won't be hearing the people about us. I'm really looking forward to the pool :)