Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Training Log

My training log is super late this week. I had a good week of training. No twisted ankles just back to grinding out some miles.

BodyPump @7am

Walking 30 minutes  with the dog
Grass cutting 1 hour it occurred to me that getting a mower moving when it gets stuck in grass or weeds is a lot like a chest press....add a million of those to my training this week.
Running 4 miles @9.28 min/mile just a few nice easy miles

Flowers everywhere

BodyPump 1 hour sore shoulder (left as always) and tight legs
Running 4 miles @ 9.22 min/mile Another meet on track, grrrr, so I did two laps of the road around the fields and track. It was hot (around 75) but the humidity was low so it felt nice.

Running 6 miles @ 8.45 min/mile Even hotter today (in the 80s). I brought a large bottle of water, salt tabs and a face cloth with me to the track. All were needed. Despite anti-histamines the cloth turned into a snot rag (gross).
10 x 400 m intervals with 400m recovery- 6.55, 6.48, 7.08, 7.07, 7.19, 7.19, 7.06, 7.17, 6.56, 7.26 min/mile
I always end up running faster than I should because of the way the GPS lags on the parts of the track. I felt good during this workout. I could probably have put the extra one or two repeats on this but it wouldn't have been pretty it was a lot harder to recover for the last few repeats :) Next week I think I'll try 800s and see how that goes at 5k pace.


 Running 6 miles @ 9.02 min/mile I ran 3 easy miles and then 3 HM pace miles (around 8.30 min/mile) as part of the Bunny Hop 5k. The HM pace was not hard but it definitely wasn't comfortable either. The humidity was in the 90s so I was soaked in sweat by the time I was done.
The race was fun and an excuse to get out running early. I got a nice soft cotton t-shirt. They had some coffee, fruit, cookies etc. at the finish and I got to high-five Cocky (the Gamecocks football team mascot) and the Easter Bunny.
After changing we went right back out to the farmers market (on a roll with going every week) and got some breakfast and lots of veggies for the week ahead.

 Running 10 miles @ 9.49 min/mile Again super humid and it rained my entire run. For around the first 4 miles it was light rain, then I stopped for a bathroom/water fountain break and when I came out of the bathroom it was lashing down.
Somewhere around mile 7 I looked at my arm and it was covered in foam. I just thought great I've started foaming like a horse does when it runs ha, ha. Then I realized it was all gathering around my chest area. I must have had some detergent still in the top after washing it, either that or my breasts were not designed with feeding a baby in mind, I'm just going to produce bubbles....what a party trick!

 Other than some sore wet feet it was a decent run I was just glad to strip off, get clean and warm when I got home.

I don't know if it was because I had non-workout stuff going on this week (so my mind was distracted) but most of the running just kind of flew by and before I knew it the week was over. I also had a lots of naps 2/3 with the pup so maybe that helped too. I'm very guilty of being a couch potato when I'm not working out so I think my first few weeks back to work will be tiring but it'll be good for me :)

A new place

This week has been a bit crazy, meetings with new boss, lunch with my old boss and lastly viewing apartments. We finally made the decision that if we are to stay in Columbia we need a change so we are to move house. We also need somewhere a bit more flexible in terms of lease duration or subleasing (so we can move if we get job offers) so unfortunately we are moving from a house to an apartment.

As sad as it'll be to lose some privacy and a yard for the dog there are a lot of upsides:
The dog might not have a yard (he gets a dog park instead) but on the other hand I won't have to half die mowing it at the height of summer.....or get eaten alive by Mosquitos. 
Included in rent is Internet, cable and water so a lot of our bills are eliminated making money management easier.
The complex has a small gym with 4-5  treadmills so if the weather gets super hot this summer I have somewhere air conditioned to do some shorter runs.
It also has a pool area to hang out and enjoy the sun (without ants :) )
It has a bus to the university so no paying for parking again, no need to coordinate schedules everyday and our car doesn't get a ton of junk miles added to it.
Lastly the apartments are nice and I'm looking forward to breaking free of the stlye rut we've gotten ourselves into with our current place and also to use the move as an excuse to declutter.

I'm a weird mix of excited and stressed right now with all the changes going on at the moment but we won't be moving until July just enough time to pick out some new furniture!!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What will I spend my first paycheck on?

I am so excited to get back into the lab, in fact its really surprising me how much I'm chomping at the bit to get back to work, but I'm also looking forward to the benjamins baby.
Since we have discovered that we can live on one salary, by cutting back a little, and we have no debts we have decided that once I start working it is the time to replenish savings and really save some money for the future.
However, we have both agreed that the first pay check will be discounted from the new regime to allow us a little splurge after 5-6 months of sensibleness (yes I know that's not a word).

Not all will be trivial spending e.g. We've put off a major piece of car servicing for a few oil changes because it was $200 that we never seemed to have floating around. 

But I'm very excited for a little non-essential spending...So what's on my list:

New music is up there on a list and maybe we'll see about going to a concert or two, something I haven't done in years but miss.

New shoes (running and otherwise)

  • If I'm going to be on my feet all day I need to find something functional and pretty (major struggle for me).
  • A pair of trail runners......since I'm considering at least doing some training on trails to toughen up and maybe a trail race or two for a change

New clothes
Now that I actually have to see people everyday and pjs are not acceptable work wear I need to refresh my wardrobe a little as well as figure out if I need more summer clothes
A new swimsuit...mine is in a very sad state. I'd like to get a two piece and a one piece suit.

A massage..if it doesn't hurt too much I'll probably melt into the table.

Now I might not get all of these things but a girl can dream......

Monday, 21 March 2016

Woohoo I have a job

I haven't signed anything yet so don't tell anyone alright! I had my interview this morning. Everything went well and I decided to take the job. I think I'll be kept very busy in my new job but hopefully personality wise it'll be a good fit.

Now I just have to figure out how this fits with eligibility for health insurance etc. I really don't want to have to change it because I have one salary figure with insurance and one without...I'd like the without please. Either way I'm getting a pretty good pay rise from my last job and most importantly I won't be going stir crazy in the house all day alone.
It looks like I'll be starting within a couple of weeks, depending on HR stuff, I'm so excited!

Training log

I'm not sure if this should be called a training log...not a whole lot of training last week. 
Monday - BodyPump
Tuesday 5 mile run at the opened park + ankle sprain...that's what I get for messing around on the river bank.
30 minute swim in the outdoor pool straight afterwards.
Wednesday BodyPump class but no running. Ankle hurt to walk on but it was ok in BP except for on deep squats.
Thursday still too sore to run
Friday a lot better but decided not to run so it would be perfect for Saturday.
Saturday I completely got up on the wrong side of the bed. First I couldn't find my watch for around 30 minutes of panic and then ran a miserable 5k. Even though my expectations were probably unrealistic I got myself worked up into a right sad/bad mood at myself and did nothing for the rest of the day.
Sunday 5 miles of running I can run when I'm angry/happy/stressed, sad not so much. I went out for a run and yes stuff like my ankle felt a little off but really I stopped at 5 because my mood was so bad I was almost making myself cry with all the thoughts just churning around in my head and running is meant to be fun so I hopped in the car, went home and slept off whatever the hell was wrong with me on the sofa! I know as a woman it's not good to encourage stereotypes but I must have had one hell of a case of PMS going on because I have no other explaination for why I felt the way I did all weekend.

I started this week on a much better footing. I got up and went to BP at 7am because I know I have a job interview at 10 and our landlord is doing a viewing of our house at 1 so I'm getting my workout in early rather than putting it off. 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Get to the Green 5k 2016

I'm gonna keep this short so I don't get too whiny. The race itself was awesome great organization, nice t-shirt and medal. I just sucked!

To get a PR I would have had to run a 7.45-7.55 min/mile the whole way. I warmed up with a half mile slow run. I started and immediately settled myself into a 7.45 pace rather than let myself run faster. However, my lungs and heart just did not cooperate . I felt really out of breath all the time.

Mile 1 8.08, mile 2 8.14, mile 3 8.35 min/mile. The whole thing was just a horrible slog even slower than the 5k I ran at Christmas despite being fitter and doing more speed work.
Those last two miles mirrored the last two miles of my last half marathon. Grrrrrr!!!! I'm so angry at myself. Maybe I'm just not putting enough work in or maybe it was just a bad running day. Either way it's done and over with, I'll find another 5k to make up for it.

Friday, 18 March 2016

And so it begins...allergy season

Technically allergy season began  up to two weeks ago here in South Carolina. I watch the pollen levels on my weather app and our tree pollen has been in the red (very high) on and off for at least that long. However, I don't think I'm allergic to tree pollen so I haven't had any allergies. 
However, our grass and weed pollen is starting to measure on the scale and with that I've started to notice I've had a sore throat, headache and blocked sinuses. Im not sneezing twelve hundred times a day or sporting bloodshot eyes yet but it's beginning.
Last year my allergies were awful and I didn't run for almost two weeks because it was impossible to run and breathe. This year I'm determined to be proactive. I've already started hosing down the front porch and car so pollen won't be dragged into the house. Now that I'm starting to notice allergy symptoms I'm going to take an antihistamine everyday in the morning before I get out and about. This year, if I'm as bad as last year, I'm going to suck it up and buy some of the more expensive options like Flonase (I think it's a steroid does that count as doping ha ha).
I never got these kinds of allergies until I moved here so I'm still a relative newbie to dealing with hay fever. Any advice?

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wednesday Randomness

Getting my decorating hat on again, all for our bedroom. Since it doesn't look like I'll be running a marathon anytime soon I took some weight off my medal rack and put my marathon medals in a shadow box (50% off at Micheals right now). I also framed my Little Rock poster before it gets crumpled. I don't really have room to hang either right now but they'll find a home when I move.
A nice honeymoon picture in one frame and the other is going to be a print I got on esty.
I trimmed the edges of our US map so it would fit properly on the cork board. One of my favorite things to do after a trip is to put a new pin in the map.

I did two things on my run yesterday 
1.) got sunburn on my shoulders.......the strength of the sun took me by surprise. Lots of sunscreen from now on.
2.) I twisted my other ankle. I haven't twisted one since I was about 12 yrs old and now 2 in 2 weeks, I guess they wanted to be even,  seriously could not make this s.... up ha ha. No running today as a result. It's meant to hit 86 this afternoon and then the weather breaks and gets a little cooler tomorrow so that suits me just fine.
Good thing about this run is that my favorite running spot (no cars and flat) reopened 6 months after being smashed up by the flood. It's looking great they made some extra renovations in undamaged parts of the park while waiting for the main break to be fixed. Also another first for 2016 was a lovely swim in the outdoor pool afterwards.

My flowers this week were Daffodils. Right about now much of Ireland is covered in them. We also have  Daffodil Day in March. Real and fake daffodils are sold to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. 

Lastly, I have a job interview on Monday...ekkk. I don't know if it really counts as an interview as its more this person convincing me to work for them rather than vice versa. Someone I already know is looking for a researcher for their lab and my old boss reminded her that I was still around. She seems to have her mind set on me now, even brought Martina for coffee to try figure out if I'd be interested ha ha. If I don't put her off or she doesn't try to lowball me I'll most likely be back doing research full time by May.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Struggling with my own language

I still stumble over using the American version of some words and for somethings like vegetables, the American version is so beaten into my brain at this stage that, I struggle to remember my original words for them.

Travel related
Gas = Petrol
Hood = Bonnet
Trunk = Boot
Truck = lorry
Sidewalk = footpath
Elevator = lift
Giving someone a Ride is also called a lift and in Ireland a ride is slang for something very different than someone bringing you somewhere, so be careful what you ask for ;)

It seems a lot of French has been incorporated into the English in Europe where vegetables are concerned.
Snow peas = Mangetout (eat everything, nom nom)
Zucchini =  courgette
Cilantro= Coriander (yucky)
Eggplant = aubergine
Cookie = biscuit and boy do we have more variety on this front
French Fires = chips
Candy = Sweets

Sweater = jumper
Pants = trousers  here pants mean well pants, in Ireland it generally refers to underwear...so when I started in lab and saw signs saying "no pants = no science" I got a little perplexed.

These are just a few of the hundreds of words that catch me up everyday. Lets not even start on the teeny tiny differences in spelling, like color versus colour, I think for a while my old boss was convinced I couldn't even spell never-mind speak properly, ha ha!

Training Log

Spring has arrived in South Carolina. Even after 3 years here it still surprises me how abrupt the change from one season to another can be. In the space of a week:
  • The lawn has gone from needing a little trim in one or two small spots to needing a full 'haircut' 
  • Every dogwood tree in town is in full bloom
  • Pollen is starting to pile up on the ground and car
  • Temperatures have crept up into the 80s in the afternoons
All of that will mean some changes need to be made with training and soon I'll need to start popping antihistamines like smarties, but for this week I stuck it out with the way I've been doing things (running in the afternoon).
Its been spring break here at the university so my week has been light on classes but otherwise good.

Rest Feeling almost jet lagged after 12 hours in the car the day before...oh and really sore :)

Running - 3 miles @9.23 min/mile Started out super slow and got faster with each mile
Love Charleston
Martina and another Susan G. Komen grant holder were being honored by the Lowcountry Susan G. Komen Board. We went to Charleston and had fun chatting to all the fundraisers, board members, donors etc etc. I enjoyed the open bar ha ha.

How I felt about driving there ha ha
 Body Pump - 1 hour Felt good
Running 5 miles @9.55 min/mile I'm such a clutz. I stepped down the steps at the back door to hang out some clothes to dry and literally landed on the outside of my right foot and twisted my ankle. I went for a run anyhow as it was only a little sore. The combo of that and a meet on the track made me delay my speed work until later in the week.

Rest -  I shouldn't have run on Wednesday....ankle hurt even more as a result. Lots of ice and elevation.

Running- 5 miles @8.24 min/mile 1 mile warmup, 8 x 400m intervals with 400m recovery
7.04, 7.31, 7.18, 7.12, 7.04, 7.13, 7.11, 7.03 min/mile. 
The day of rest was enough to fix my ankle, thank goodness and it felt fine on this run. First run with temperatures over 80F in a long time.
Next weekend we'll see if the speed work is starting to pay off with my St.Patricks Day 5k. I'm not holding out any hope of a PR (as I'm not as trim and fit as this time last year) but I'll give it my best shot anyhow.

Grass cutting- 1.5 hours
Running - 7 miles @ 9.35 min/mile Time to start upping my Saturday runs to get used to running a lot on the weekend. I felt really good on this run.

Running - 10 miles @ 9.47 min/mile I felt hot and out of sorts. My stomach was bugging me and I took a good few stops just to drink/rest. At least the crazy humidity has not kicked in yet, it meant that the breeze felt lovely while I ran.

I achieved my main focus for this week which was to get my miles back up to 30 miles/week. I'm going to keep it there for next week and I'm also going to---get 2-3 Body Pump classes done and add in some outdoor swimming (if its warm enough) to loosen up my back. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nice things 2

After writing about how much I loved music I decided to just go ahead and get a cheap guitar that I could play around on, build up some calluses and practice the little I know, so I could get a jump start on lessons when I get my good one back. I saw one when we were thrifting for $25 but when I went back last Wednesday to get it was 75. At that stage I was too excited about getting it and went ahead and bought it anyhow. 
I went to a music store to get a tuner and the guy said to bring the guitar in for a check up and  if it needed adjusting he'd do it for free. So I tuned it and played a little but it felt off, so I brought it in. The guy tried to adjust it as we chatted but it turns out the rod in the neck of the guitar was broken so it was pretty much unplayable. In the meanwhile we had talked about how excited I was to learn again, how I was looking for work etc etc. 
So instead of trying to just sell me a new guitar he did a "trade". He pulled out a guitar someone had not picked up in years and he'd been pulling parts off, fixed it up and kept my junk one for parts instead. I left feeling vaguely unsettled and incredibly grateful by this act of kindness. How nice is that!!

We now owe $0 on our car loan. I still have to figure out what I have to do to formally close out the loan and get the car title. We've paid it off over a year and a half early....good for a 3 year loan :) that's due to a combo of paying extra large payments each month while I was working and using our tax refunds to pay the remainder...yay what a weight of my mind.

Kind of sad but also resulted in something nice...my grand-uncle died last year. I didn't know him very well, he was a priest in Austrailia most of my life, so while I remember him being a really nice man we weren't super close. Anyhow, he left all his nieces and nephews some money in his will, my Dad gave myself and my brother some his share of the money. I've decided that when Martina travels to Ireland (possibly in September) I'm going to go with her and use the money for flights. I think Father Jim would appreciate the money being used to bring family together.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Little Rock Half Marathon, Arkansas 2016

Another race I've wanted to run for a while completed. It was so much fun and worth the long trip.
The trip there..
Our journey started out on Thursday with a 8ish hour drive to Memphis. We took the now very familiar i20 as far as Birmingham, Alabama before heading North West towards Memphis. We didn't stop too often, combining gas, restroom and food stops along the way to maximize driving time. I'd even packed lunch and dinner into a cooler to help us eat a little healthier on the road, as well as saving time and money. 
We got to Memphis and stayed in a hotel near Graceland. That was a bit of a rough area so much so that the car parking was a gated area. The next morning I dropped Martina at Graceland while myself and Boomer went for a walk in a nearby park. Then we popped back to Graceland, parked and walked around. I got to see the outside of the house etc but I'm not really a huge enough Elvis fan to pay to take a tour of the inside, I left that part to Martina. It was still pretty cool to see it. Then it was off to Little Rock with only 2ish hours of driving before we arrived at a much nicer hotel in North Little Rock. 

Downtown Little Rock and the expo were only ten minutes away and since the expo was on until 7pm on Friday we went that afternoon, to keep Saturday free for other stuff. I liked this expo. It was in the very large convention center so it never felt crowded. It wasn't huge but there were a lot of other big races there promoting their event so I got to ogle a lot of shiny medals. The Little Rock race is themed differently every year and this year it was 'Game On' so around the expo were giant versions of games like draughts or Connect Four. I got my bib and T-shirt (tech unisex) without any problems. The packet also contained a race poster, I think I might actually frame this one. They also had extra clothes merchandise and other things like glasses for sale. I was tempted but resisted. About an hour of walking around downtown Little Rock and we were beat..back to the hotel.

The race
Part of Manure mile
 near the water treatment plant
Saturday we took the day to go to Hot Springs National Park were I went and soaked in some 104F  thermal spring water. I also remembered to bring my foam roller on the trip. So although there were some knots the foam roller wouldn't take out I felt pretty good going to the race on Sunday morning considering all the car time.
 We got up at 5. I had half a bagel with some Nutella and coffee before driving to the race. Highway takes you within a few blocks of the race start and even though I was worried about finding parking (a lot of one way streets etc. to navigate) we scored free parking right beside the highway. The convention center was race central and we walked there for some restrooms and a half fanatic/marathon maniacs picture. A coffee shop on the corner opened super early which was really nice..Martina was able to go in and get some coffee and breakfast...supporters need fuel too!! 
Couch Potatoes
It seemed like no time at all until we were walking the couple of blocks to the start. There were around 3,500 half marathoners and just over 2,000 full marathoners. It seems that gianormas full marathon medal does something to close the normally larger ratio between the number of full and half participants. The race started after a prayer (and an invite to Church after...they might need to fumigate the Church) and the national anthem. It didn't take long to get over the line from Corral D. The first few miles were crowded, slowly as the race went on the field spread out but there was always lots of people around.

Awesome Spectators


Nom Doughnut 
As far as entertainment and support goes I think I could only really compare this to a Disney race or maybe RnR Virginia beach. It definetely beat Virginia Beach and comes very close to Disney. There was constantly something going on, music bands, aid stations, crowds, manure mile, couch potato mile, the Governor of Arkansas, being splashed with holy water...and on and on! I also like that the course went back towards downtown several times so I got to see Martina and Boomer 3 times..plus that area had huge cheering crowds. We were mostly running though city or residential areas so other than crossing the River it was more about the entertainment than scenery. Even though I didn't listen to music (no headphones allowed) I wasn't bored at any stage.
Another band
 There were aid stations (offical) every 2-3 miles with water, gatorade as well as other food such as orange slices and sweets. A few unoffical aid stations were also out in force. I had two mini cups of beer (at different points) as well as a doughnut hole. Those were only the ones I stopped at. I also saw someone handing out full sized doughnuts but I don't think my stomach would have appreciated that too much.
The route was hilly but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I ran all the hills without any problems or walking. I might have got a little smug passing people on the hills....only for a moment :) I stuck to my plan to run an easy run but I felt great throughout so I decided to run the
It got political
last two miles hard to see what I had left in the tank. Lots it seems. The second to last mile was a 8.30 min/mile. I was regretting my decision as around halfway through that mile is a rather long hill, not so smug now ha ha. The last mile was a 8.15 and with those two miles came a negative split. It was around 50F at the start but just over 70 at the finish. I finished in 2 hours 4 m

inutes. So although it was an easy run I'm really pleased with it. I'm getting stronger and fitter. 
I crossed the line and sucked in as much air as I could (I ran really hard for the finish). I must have looked like I was dying as a volunteer came up to me checking if I was ok. Then I got my bling. It's now my biggest half marathon medal and boy is it heavy and glittery. Walking through the finishers shoot I also got some water. The real food was now downstairs in the expo hall which had been cleared out overnight. I had some really delicous pasta with a tomato sauce (I immediately wished I'd took more). There was some other hot food as well as the usual fruit, chips, cookies and drinks. They also had some food trucks right there in the hall, a massage area, a band and a bunch of tables...a nice setup.
Post race
 I hightailed it back to my supporters and we went back to the hotel. Despite Body Glide I once again had some major chaffing in a few spots so water = screeching ha ha. After washing it was time to hit the road. The trip back was about 10.5 hours of solid driving and almost 12 total. It was a bright sunny day so until it got dark the drive was pleasant around 3 hours from home in Atlanta, due to really shitty road signage and crazy speeding drivers not giving enough room, we had a half hour detour as we ended up exiting off of our highway onto another one by mistake. To make it worst Martina's phone (with our only gps) had died and refused to charge. One highway led to another and before I knew it we were in downtown Atlanta. I cried a little (tired brain) eventually my brain kicked back in, I thought about it and found our way back. We swapped drivers soon after that! Either way we made it home around midnight and collapsed into bed. What a crazy weekend. That is our last long drive that far west....thank goodness.

I loved this race. If I lived closer this would be an annual event. It might be a little crowded/hilly for a PR  but I'd highly recommend it if looking for a fun race to do. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Five things about me you might not know

I LOVE music-

  • I was in two choirs in school and during, whats called, Transition Year (non-exam focused year) in high school I spent two weeks (every night to around 300 people) performing in a variety show with a ton of other people in our local town. I can't really sing much anymore, not enough practice and I forgotten the correct technique so my voice croaks out after all of 30 seconds.
  • I never got around to learning an instrument (properly). I have a beautiful guitar sitting in my parents attic that I'm planning to bring back to the US, the next time I go to Ireland, and most importantly get lessons on.
  • I obsess over music or artists....I will play an album over and over until I make myself so sick of it I can't listen to it anymore.
  • My first splurge after getting a job will be buying new music.

Most annoying genetic quirks, smelling asparagus pee, stupid cucumber and cilantro (known to me as coriander) tasting, I have. Unfortunately that means that even though most indian food can be vegetarian friendly, I rarely go to Indian restaurants because of cilantro.

I've had a ton of random jobs

  • my first job was in a kitchen washing dishes, eventually I worked my way up to running what was called the back kitchen (starters and desserts). It paid almost nothing and is still one of the harder jobs I've done.
  • I worked in a furniture factory in the spray room, wiping down the furniture as it was stained and sanding it between coats of lacquer. It was probably the time when I had the most upper body strength, moving pine furniture around by hand all day. I was also permanently high for the first couple of weeks until I got used to the fumes!!
  • One of my favorites (because I love photography) was working in a camera shop. I sold cameras and before everything went digital developed film and printed photographs.
  • Between all these jobs and working in a lab for years I've surely taken years off my life by chemical exposure ha ha.

I originally wanted to be a vet 
  • I blame the James Herriot novels...very funny.
  • I went shadowed one and even assisted with surgery but my Dad talked me out of it. He works with animals and as he said he didn't want me out in fields in the middle of the night with my arm up a cows bum.
  • Veterinary medicine is almost impossible to get straight into as an undergrad in Ireland so after I decided not to do it I just kind of coasted through school until my final year of college. I still did really well I just regret not trying harder.

I am not a fashionista
  • Only for the fact that my weight has gone up and down so much in the last 10 years I'd probably still have my college clothes. 
  • Even my workout clothes are usually plain black capris and shirts I get at races.
  • I don't wear makeup unless its for a formal event.
  • The only thing I am particular about is grooming. I love getting my hair and nails done. I'm also starting to go grey, almost to the point of needing dye, so I guess I'll be visiting the salon more often, ha ha.

Lots of randomness. Tell me something random about yourself?