Sunday, 28 February 2016

Training Log

Body Pump- 1 hour I still felt a little sick and off. I dropped most of the weights a little and pretty much sat out the ab track as my stomach area was still a little tender.

Running- 4 miles @ 9.23min/mile It felt ok, the temperatures were really nice.
Walking - 30 minutes

BodyPump- 1 hour I felt so much better and got back to my normal weights.
Running - 5.5 miles @8.43 min/mile We had another tornado watch. There were no tornadoes but some serious gusts of wind that I watched drop two large trees in our neighbor's yard. I waited until after Martina came home from work to go to the track and by then the wind had died a little.
8x400m intervals with 400m recovery (7, 7.24, 7.16, 7.24, 7.16, 7.16, 7.16, 7.24 min/mile) Half the track was very windy so it was hard to be really consistent but I still really enjoyed this workout and it was over before I knew it. I could probably have done another couple of intervals but for the fact it was too dark.

I switched rest days around as I wanted to get x3 BodyPump classes in this week but the Saturday class was canceled so I did that on Friday instead and swapped Thurs and Fri running around.
Walking- 30 minutes
15 minutes -Yoga

BodyPump- 1 hour Felt hard but good.
Running 4 miles @ 9.12 min/mile - Started out very slow (up a big hill) and then ramped up the pace as the run went on.
Walking - 30 minutes

We found Boomer the perfect chair
 it even has a giant B on the top
A couple of hours working our way through an antique store. We didn't get anything but saw a lot of cool glasses and decanters if we ever set up a home bar.
Running - 6 miles @9.54 min/miles I went to the far away river trails again and just as the track seems to = fast/easy these trails seem to be hard/slow. I don't know why they aren't very hilly but thats the way the cookie crumbles. Tweaky/tight left hamstring on this run.
Walking 15 minutes- Martina and Boomer walked while I ran. They got slightly lost and ended up walking further than they thought so I met them about a mile and a half from the end. I ran on a little and doubled back to meet them again for the walk back to the car.

Running - 10.5 miles @ 9.57 min/mile I probably would have liked this to be a little faster but it was warm 70ish. It felt good though and I enjoyed listening to some radio while running a ton of random loops and out and backs to get in the 10.5 miles without having to stray to far from home.
Broke out the short sleeve top

30 miles this week, woohoo. I'm up to a good base, finally, but not for long. 

This week I'm heading off for a very long weekend to go to the Little Rock Half Marathon via Memphis so training will most likely be a little or a lot disrupted but I'm gonna do my best. Little Rock will be a fun run since I'll have driven a ridiculous amount before (never good for running) and its a hilly course so sticking a few miles in the day before if I can will only be a good thing.

 This is my second to last long drive planned for a race so I won't have too much more disruption by super long trips. It's probably good to step it back for a week anyhow and then ramp back up to 30 again to get my body adjusted. 
I picked a good week to step it up as I've had no shin pain this week yay.

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