Monday, 22 February 2016

Training Log

Well this week we have swung back to warmer weather with my running taking place in the 60s and 70s. Would I like it a little cooler yes, am I going to complain no, because here even at this time of year it could be hotter. Its forecast that the south will get a colder than average spring. I'm hoping it does because it will let me get a few more months of quality training in before the inferno that is summer begins.

I took a total rest day as I was feeling completely drained and sore after being away for the weekend.

Running 2 miles @ 9.22 min/mile I penciled in a short run to loosen up. I felt surprisingly good. My legs felt fresh again.
Walking 45 minutes

Body Pump- 1 hour. Good
Running - 6 miles @ 9.09 min/mile with 5 x 800m intervals (8.22, 8.12, 8.10, 8.05, 7.37 min/mile) with 800m recovery. I did not feel like adding to the intervals this week. Maybe its time to mix up the speed work a little since I'm getting bored. There were kids on the track and I didn't want to run on grass so I measured out a half mile on the nice straight road that runs past the track and went up and down that. By luck I manage to time my recovery into the wind.

Mile markers at the airport-someone planning a race?
Walking 30 minutes

Yoga -20 mins using the Down Dog app. They have a section called lullaby yoga so I gave that a try. It was really nice...slow and easy. Since I do yoga more for a good stretch than an extra workout this was perfect.
Running - 5 miles @ 9.47 min/mile  I'm missing a bit of variety in my runs so I drove around 10 minutes away to the furtherest reaches of the river trails and ran there. It made for a very pleasant change. Felt very slow, my legs were dead.
Walking 30 minutes 

Another rest day

Missed Body Pump. Somehow I had in my head that class was at 12/12.30 since all the weekday classes are at 7am or 12.30. Checked the schedule  at 11.02 am to see that class started at 11,  doh.
Running- 5 miles @ 9.40 min/mile As punishment for missing Body Pump and because I felt like doing something different I did long hill repeats. Around a half mile up and a half mile down of hill x4.

Martina in an effort to crush the love of running out of me (only joking, she knew I wanted to do this) signed me up for a local race called the Quarry Crusher. You run down to the floor of the Quarry and back up. It gets longer every year the quarry is in operation, right now the race is around 3.5 miles long...thats over 1.5 miles up hill. I have no illusions, I will probably walk a large portion of the way up but I need to at least make an effort to prepare with some hill work. At least I'll get to see the Quarry that routinely shakes my house.

Running 9 miles @9.46 min/mile This was a bad one which is sad when I've been blessed with a few good long runs in a row.
 It was bad mostly because a stomach bug has been flying around our house all week. I had a mild case early in the week and it came back to attack me on Sunday. Either that or my stomach really didn't like the 3 cups of coffee I had with brunch. After a lovely attack by my insides, I slept for 20 minutes, drank some water and went off to run before it got too late.
I felt like shit (excuse the language). My stomach was a little rocky and I had a nice cold sweat going on. I ran to the track, did a 2 mile loop on the roads around it and then a mile on the track before heading towards home and a bigger road for an out and back to finish. Close to bathrooms at almost all times.
Exactly what I needed to see at mile 7
Once I got to mile 7, I got really nauseous but at least I was close to home and had mostly a downhill jog to get there. It took me a couple of hours before I felt I was able to eat anything for dinner. Lets hope the run burned whatever I've been incubating out of my system.

So thats another 27 mile week but easy on the classes/extras. I think I'm doing good with the running and I don't mind the easier week(s) with classes every so often if it stops me from burning out,  keeping the quality of my harder runs good.


  1. Oh man! I hope your stomach felt better Sunday night!

    The concept behind the Quarry Crusher is so cool! That will be a fun race!!!

    I bet you would like the speedwork more if you switched it up from the 800s! Ladder? 400s? Timed? I feel like I need to switch my speedwork up to keep me going, for sure.

    1. It's still a bit off but not too bad. I'm excited to do the race it should be fun it's not until April so I have a bit of time to do some hill work.
      I'll probably do some 400s I have some 5ks coming up too so I should probably run some shorter, faster intervals.