Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Training log

I'm a little behind with this but its getting done anyhow! Again this week I kept my miles at 27. I'm glad I did I was tired for most of the week but pleased that I did everything that I decided to.

Body Pump -  Felt tired and nauseous. I did the class anyhow. I had a fever when I checked afterwards so no wonder I felt bad.

30 minutes of yoga at home with my supervisor Boomer. Who knew a baseball and teddy are appropriate yoga tools...

Running 4 miles @9.07 min/mile did a hilly 2 mile out and back stretch. After the heat last week it was strange to start out my run with some snow flurries.
Walking 45 minutes with the family
Post walk nap
Body Pump  - I felt much better than on Monday. The gym was HOT but it was a good class.
Running 6 miles @ 8.49 min/mile 1 mile warmup, 5 x 800m (8, 7.56, 7.55, 7.57, 7.37 min/mile) with 800m recovery. Actually got onto the track this week, it was nice to not worry about tripping. I debated adding on an extra interval this week, so I just put my head down and got it done.
Walking - a very cold and windy 15 min walk.

Running 4 miles @ 9.55 min.mile  Exhausted. I just took it really easy and enjoyed a run to the river and back with some good music.
Walking 1 hour

Friday - rest -  mostly worrying over what to pack for the cold.

Saturday-driving to Virginia and wine tasting. We went to the Keswick Vineyards Tasting room after checking into our hotel. Boomer was allowed into the tasting room as they don't serve food there (we called to check) which was nice because it was way too cold to leave him in the car. At the bar you get to try a selection of wines. I was driving so even tho the tasting portions are small I got even tinier ones, a sip at the most, enough that I didn't feel left out :)  Martina got a nice glass of red after the tasting and we hung out for a while. Boomer meanwhile was the center of attention, everyone wanted to say hello to him and he lapped it up. We hung out in the hotel for the evening with a snoring puppy.

Running 13.1 @ 9.09 min/mile  at the Adam and Eve Half Marathon in Charlottesville VA. 9˚F at the start brrrrr! 1:59:57 which is my first sub-2 hour half (barely) in a long time.  I didn't bust a gut to get it and felt good until the last mile when my hip flexors decided they were done with running in sub-zero temps. I'll review the race later.
Hiking 2 hours (4 miles)  2 miles mostly up hill,  then 2 miles mostly down hill to see the Cascades waterfall in VA.

I'm pretty happy with this week. Next week again I'm going to keep my miles the same as I'm still having shin pain sporadically. I think another week or two and I'll bump it up to 30 for another couple of weeks. That'll be a good mileage as a strong base and I can go from there to including some longer back to back runs in at the weekends to get me ready for my double in May.


  1. Yay, congrats on that sub 2 half! :) Also, brrrrrrrrrrrrr. :) I hope your shins feel better this week!

    1. I know I didn't think I'd done it until I looked at the chip times. Delighted I'm starting to get back to the kind of fitness levels I had this time last year.
      Those temps are probably nothing to you. They really weren't as bad as I expected but then I did wear two pairs of pants ha ha. My shins aren't too bad at all. I'm just being careful because I think the little amount of pain I'm getting will go away but if I push the mileage it could become a problem.