Monday, 8 February 2016

Training Log

Well this week had been interesting, I kept my mileage the same as last week (27 miles) but I had to move some stuff around because we had some tornadoes!!

Body Pump - A good class. We have two different bars, in class, one is a couple of pounds heavier than the other, I've been using the heavier one for a while. Then when I want to go up in weight, on some of the smaller muscle groups, I can switch out to the lighter bar and add weight but not have the increase be overwhelming...cheating? Nah. 
I hit 40lbs on my squat weight. Finally catching up to some of the long time class goers. I think I'll leave it there for a while and focus on keeping my form correct. 

Running -Ran 3 miles @ 9.26 min/mile to the river and back with Boomer. Since all the flooding the river banks look more like beaches (sandy soil here) a lot of vegetation has gone because of winter and a lot died because of the flooding. It looks strange but I'm sure once spring comes around it'll revive itself. What was nice was the sand contains a ton of shiny flakes...there be gold in that there river! 
I was sorry I forgot my phone it looked really pretty glittering in the sunshine. It was also warm, +70, but we've had about a week of highs in the 70s.

Walking -20 minutes with Boomer, ended a bit sooner than we'd have liked as it started to rain.
Body Pump - nothing to report except the consistent rage of trying to get parking at the gym. 

I knew the weather was going to be variable but I thought it'd just be a bit of rain. Cold front, meet warm weather, bam tornadoes. Myself and Boomer were tucked away in the bedroom closet for a while in the afternoon, we hightailed it in there once the sirens started going off. We did get some heavy rain and wind at our house but nothing worst than a bad thunderstorm but a few tornadoes (and by tornadoes I mean barely tornadoes, except one that flipped some cars)  dropped around town. The tornado watch ended around 4.30pm but it continued storming until no running.

Running - 5 miles @8.56 min/mile. Much colder today. I started out on the track but got kicked off by high schoolers. At least the coach was nice enough to tell me their training times so I can get there and be finished before they come, next time.
I did my 800s around the football pitches. They are very uneven but at the same time its a softer surface than asphalt or concrete so its nice on my legs and joints. 1 mile warmup, 4 x 800m with 800m recovery (800s @ 8.12, 8.18, 8.19 and 8.08 min/mile). Pretty happy with that since I'm usually slower on grass and I splashed my way through lots of water on each lap.

Finished on time to go collect Martina and then Boomer who was in daycare, with his best friend Bailey, who was also coming home with us for the weekend.

**No rest today :( because of moving runs around
Running - 4 miles @9.31 min/mile. 
I took Bailey out for 1.5 miles around the house and then Boomer for 2.5 miles So much peace with two tired dogs. The hands free leash is one of the best thing I've bought for Boomer. Its so good for running.

Bodypump (FAIL) -  Classes were canceled for staff training. I was annoyed I didn't check the class online, before I went, but then I probably wouldn't have gone to the regular gym by myself if I had. I did 45 minutes of weights for everything but lots of leg and back work.
 I watched people doing really frickin high jumps onto platforms from a standstill with weights. I'd break my face! What I would love to be able to do is a pull up. What if I end up hanging off of a building or cliff some day? I'd never be able to pull myself up over the edge!!!
Running - 6 miles @ 9.26 min/mile. 1 mile warmup, built up the pace to 8.30 over 4 miles, and then got stopped in my tracks by a train for around 10 minutes. Good thing that the tracks are about a mile from my house...perfect cool down point rather than mid-run. Ran the last mile home very slowly.

Cute as a button but sometimes a meany poo
I was soaking in the bath after the run and some drama started. Boomer was playing with an empty overturned bowl. One that we'd given Bailey some food in that morning, not hers from home just a random bowl. She went crazy at him, grabbed him by the throat and wouldn't let go even though he wasn't fighting back just screaming.

 They've had their scuffles before (as all dogs do) but this was bananas. Martina couldn't get her off him so I leapt out of the bath completely naked, water everywhere and dragged her off him.
 Boomer came into the bathroom with me, he was shaking like a leaf. I felt a little shaky too. Bailey is normally a very nice dog but I definitely think sometimes she reacts inappropriately to situations and this was one of those times, especially judging by how shook up Boomer was. I felt so irrationally angry because my baby was so afraid. We separated them for a while but he was afraid of her for the rest of the day and even the next day he really didn't want anything to do with her. I don't know if the romance is over or if it'll just take a while for him (and us) to trust her again.

Running-  9 miles @ 9.41 min/mile. A shorter long run this week as I'm running a half next weekend. It was another good one though. I had tired arms (triceps mostly) towards the end which was probably from the gym otherwise everything felt great.


  1. Awesome week! Crazy that you are running in the 70s! And having tornadoes!

    Oh man, that incident with Bailey and Boomer and you wrangling them while naked sounds like something from a movie, lol! I hope Bailey behaves better if you sit for her again!

    1. Yes the variety in the weather has been something else...snow flurries today!! No movies, nobody wants to see that but he was just crying his little head off...I had a maternal/hulk moment and got the situation sorted. Thank goodness we had no guests, ha ha.