Thursday, 25 February 2016

Training and body issues lately

Whether the it factor with running is endurance or strength or both I'm feeling IT. A couple of months of decent enough training are starting to pay off. Now my shortest runs are back to being 4/5 miles and they seem easy most days. A few months ago, even though I was running longer runs, that would have seemed hard.
Even being sick on and off and pretty tired for the last two weeks, once I force myself out the door, running is enjoyable again. Last night I did my speed work (400s) and I thought I had maybe 3/4 intervals done only to do the math and realize I'd actually done 6. Even running into the wind for half the laps the workout didn't seem bad at all....what a nice change!! I'm starting to push the speed again and gradually the distances too. It doesn't seem like climbing a mountain anymore.

What does is controlling my body weight. I know my body is changing shape, I finally have the beginnings not just abs but an ass, something I've never had no matter how fat I was. So I am gaining lots of muscle and losing a pound or two every so often but the general trend for the last year has been upwards. My body fat is still around 20% so with muscle, fat has crept on too. That is not good considering how hard the weight gain is on my body while pounding away on asphalt and concrete. I'm really struggling with this. I find the scales scary and frustrating. Some days I'm not sure if I'm eating too much or too little for my metabolism or what to do at all. I wish I could just have someone tell me exactly what I need to do but its never that simple at least not without a ton of expensive tests :) How much is liposuction again ha ha.
I've lost a lot of weight before I know normally it's hard but not that hard, doing it while working out and not losing performance or muscle is a whole other kettle of fish for me. If I can somehow bring my body fat (rather than lose the muscle gain) down I think my running will get even better and faster.

So any tips? What really made running and weight loss work together for you?



  1. I'm sorry you are struggling with your weight and appearance. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, as you are still getting out there and being a healthy version of yourself. If you do think it is a nutritional issue, I would totally recommend talking with a nutrition counselor. One of my friends met with a nutrition counselor and it really helped put things in perspective.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not so worried about appearances as honestly they haven't changed that much just really my weight in general and how to keep it from creeping up over time. I'm just finding balancing calories really hard. I know eating too little can hinder just as much as eating too much. I think I really need a way to accurately figure out what I'm burning throughout the day and go from there!

  2. I was going to say the same thing about eating - talk to a nutritionist.

    And you are going to lose some muscle as you lose weight, however, doing strength training will help it not be as much!