Friday, 26 February 2016

Nice things

I tend to post more about negative things (or things that sound negative but really I'm just mulling them over)  than positive, sorry peeps. I think that's because we tend to enjoy the positives in life and then move on, whereas we, me especially, tend to linger on the negative even when they aren't so bad. I know that can be a bore to read so I thought for a change I'd take an opportunity to post some of the nicer things in life right now!

Puppy snuggles...even damp post bath cuddles...

Buying a bunch of fresh flowers when I go to Trader Joes every week-those and a lit candle can almost always be found on my coffee table...

Having the last couple of months (while my work permit is processed) to completely forget about jobs, careers, contracts, yes even science etc. etc.

Getting the notice today that my work permit has been approved....once I get the card I can apply for some jobs and starting thinking about jobs and careers :)

Going to the dentist for a cleaning and not needing anything else done

All of the trips we go on...long and short

Excitement for upcoming adventures

And last but most importantly little family, my rock in a weird and funny world


  1. Aww, I don't think your posts are negative! Loved this glimpse in to your life though. It sounds like you have a nice ambiance in your place! :)

    Congrats on your work visa being approved!

    That race looks SO cool! :)

    1. Well in the living room at least. I spend most of my time there so if one room is going to be clean and look nice its that one...the rest of the house I just close my eyes, ha ha!
      I'm excited and scared about the work visa because I hate applying for jobs and it'll be a really random mix of job types here but excited to make some new friends and money!!!
      Also excited and scared for the race ha ha but it should be fun. I don't think you can put a time goal on a run up and down a quarry but I'll at least try to put a good effort into it!