Thursday, 11 February 2016

Netflix: Four great TV shows I'm watching

Believe it or not, I rarely watch TV during the day but at night it's game on! I don't have cable or over the air TV so I rely pretty heavily on Netflix. I thought I'd put up some of the TV shows I've been watching in case anyone would like some good recommendations and I'd love some in return. I haven't put up documentaries, of which there are a ton of great ones on Netflix, or movies because they seem more subjective.
A Norweigan show about the collaboration of EU and Russia to occupy Norway in order to bully them into restarting their oil production after stopping it in favor of producing a newly discovered source of clean energy. It shows the balance between the political side not wanting war and at the same time fighting back and the eventual realization that they've been owned by the Russians. Subtitled but don't let that deter you.

The Blacklist 
The shows description tells it all but what draws you in is trying to figure out the past connections between the two main characters.
Madam Secretary
I would describe this as House of Cards Lite. Easy watching but still keeps your attention. Follows Elizabeth a former CIA agent with no political ambitions be recruited to be the Secretary of State by her former boss who now happens to be the president. The show follows her learning the ropes at her job while trying to figure out why her predecessor was murdered.

The Fall
A show set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so very close to home for me. Gillian Anderson plays a police officer brought in to oversee an investigation into how a previous murder case was handled but ends up staying on to hunt a serial killer. Gillian has a great English accent in this and until I looked up why,  I didn't realize she'd been born and lived in England for a short while.

So there is my four shows.....suggestions for more please!

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