Saturday, 20 February 2016

I need sightseeing suggestions please: Memphis and Arkansas

My next race is a big trip. An 10-11 hour drive for the Little Rock Half Marathon. That is reaching the limits of driving time even for me. So we (by we I mean Martina) are probably going take a few days off work and make a bit more of a trip out of it.
The rule that has eventually come to be formally recognized with these crazy race trips is that everyone has to get something out of it. For example the last one Martina got to wine taste, I got to do a race and Boomer got some hiking. I think I got the best deal out of all of us, since I enjoyed all three, but you get the point.
We have a very loose plan so far including:
A stop or overnight in Memphis (including a trip to Graceland since Martina is a huge Elvis fan)
A hike up pinnacle mountain in Little Rock
A trip to Hot Springs National park around an hour from Little Rock for more hiking and a soak in some thermal waters.

If anyone has been to Memphis or Little Rock I'd love some suggestions for cool stuff to do within a short drive of either locations. We will have a dog with us so dog friendly or short enough attractions that we can take turns are a must, oh and easy on the pocket too! GO!!

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