Monday, 8 February 2016

Feeling the urge to splurge

Every so often I get this insane urge to sign up for a bunch of half marathons...FOMO! This time I've managed to restrain myself to one, the Big Easy Running Festival Half Marathon. They do a rolling registration starting at $1. 
Unfortunately, I didn't catch onto this on time and got in at the current slot of $40, still a really good price for a half. I might not be in the South in December but Louisiana is proving to be a tricky state to fit in right now so if I am here I'll be glad I've done it. If I'm not and I'm working..oh no a trip to New Orleans! Otherwise I've lost $40 not nice but not devastating. 
To appease my impulsive registration tendencies I've also decided to finally do something I've been thinking and talking about for a while, run a few shorter local races. 

So I've signed up for:
Get to the Green 5k- great race that I did last year, let's hope it doesn't rain this year- March
Heart and Sole 5 miler -a women's only race raising awareness of heart disease - April 
Jailbreak 5k - in aid of the Lexington Sheriffs Dept. - May

This is silly but guess what? They all give out finishers medals so I won't be missing my bit of bling. In all, I probably registered for 4 races for way cheaper than a Disney race and close to the price of one of the other more expensive half marathons I stopped myself signing up for. Excited!!


  1. I did something similar and recently signed up for a bunch of smaller, local races for a discounted rate. I think it will be fun to race the 5K and 10K distances. Smaller races have a certain charm that the big races lack. I think I mixture of both is important! That's awesome that you will still earn your bling!

    1. Yes it'll be fun and torture, ha ha. No excuse for me not to try hard at the shorter distances! I think it'll be really good to get me used to pushing myself effort wise..hopefully it'll translate to longer distances.