Sunday, 28 February 2016

Dreaming of summer

Last year we had quite a dry summer followed by a very rainy fall (flooding) and early winter. Our Feburary and March have been blessedly dry and mostly clear making me realize how much I've gotten used to and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe this has also been driven home by the fact that this is possibly our last year in SC, as I've mentioned we'd like to move. 
Even though the summer heat is generally unbearable and sticky, I'm really looking forward to summer. I can't wait to wear some nice summer clothes and get a bit of a tan. We are an hour and a half from Charleston which has some really amazing beaches and I don't think we've fully taken advantage of that yet. I can feel the sand and smell the sunscreen just thinking of it. I want loads of trips to the beach, even just for a long day.
As far as working out goes I've also found myself really looking forward to the outdoor pool at the gym opening. I'm not such a huge swimming fan but when I hurt my back last summer it made me realize if it's outdoors I like it! 
I'll probably change my mind as soon as I have to do my first run in the 80s/90s or get a mosquito bite but for now I'm really dreaming of hot days and balmy evenings.

*must remember to use more sunscreen, along with my darker skin has come more freckles and moles.

** I used to watch movies based in the South,  like To Kill A Mockingbird, and think it was disguising that they wouldn't change their shirts if they were covered in sweat (thinking they had just been doing some manual labor) after a few summers here I realize they were probably just standing around outside and a fresh one would look the same in minutes.

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